Trump’s Tariffs on China Appear to be Working

Historically, Democrats have been the ones who loved to impose tariffs, but even so, most of them are against Trump’s tariffs for two reasons – they are helping the American economy and they are Trump’s tariffs.

A number of RINOs are also coming out against Trump’s tariffs.

However, Trump’s tariffs against North Korea seemed to work and prevent a terrible war.

Now, it seems that Trump’s tariffs that he imposed on China are starting to have a negative economic impact on the communist nation.

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The longer the tariffs are in force, the more economic pain they will inflict, which in the long run is good for America.

White House Dossier – Republican proponents of unlimited free trade don’t like President Trump’s tariffs on China. And Democrats who have long supported tariffs seem to dislike them now because . . . they’re Trump’s tariffs.

Also disliking the China tariffs? China.

For years in Washington I have heard politicians and administration officials talk about the rampant cheating by China, its near-slave labor costs, its theft of American technology, and its manipulation of its exchange rate. All of it cost American workers their jobs while keeping iPhones from being too expensive for America’s elite.

But we were informed that this was the “global system” working with efficiency and we don’t want to upset China because we’re busy ushering it into the global trading system and modernizing it and creating democracy, etc., etc…

Over the past few weeks, the Chinese stock market has gone into a four-year low and many say it is directly due to Trump’s tariffs.

Additionally, there have been sharp declines in Chinese exports, manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

It will be interesting to see what happens in China, economically, when $200 billion in Chinese tariffs are increased by 25%.

This will assuredly have a more devastating impact on the Chinese economy.



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