Trump’s SOTU Gets High Marks

The liberal reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night was a foregone conclusion.

Everyone knew that they would do whatever they could to destroy, twist, blast, rip apart and ridicule everything Trump said.

After all, why else would the Democrats have chosen liberal activist, racist and Trump hater Stacey Abrams to deliver their rebuttal.

The somber and disdainful expressions on the faces of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris and other Democrats were not only predictable, but also showed their disrespect and bad manners.

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The way the mainstream (sewagestream) media reported on the State of the Union address, one would think it was a total disaster, but that’s not true.

The National Sentinel – MASSIVE hit: Trump’s State of the Union Address scores 76 percent approval in post-speech survey – If President Donald Trump has one gift it is that he can command a room — and a national audience when he needs to.

The president gave his second State of the Union Address before a packed Congress and gallery Tuesday night, hitting a theme of political unity hard as he reached out to hostile Democrats who, at several junctures during his speech, stood and applauded.

Overall, more than three-quarters of Americans — 76 percent — approved of the president’s speech, according to a CNN poll taken right after he finished.

CBS News, in a similar survey, found that 72 percent of Americans supported the president’s message, with 59 percent in the CNN poll saying it was “very positive.” …

I watched some of the sewagestream media reports Wednesday morning and they all twisted what Trump said while praising the poor-mannered responses of attending Democrats.

They criticized Trump for his great job performance, along with his desire to protect America and the American people.

One thing glaringly missing from the sewagestream media reports was Trump’s strong pro-life statement, along with his slamming of the recent New York abortion law and Virginia’s governor for saying he fully supports abortion up to the moment of birth.

And, missing from the sewagestream media is that Trump’s address received a strongly favorable rating.



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