Trump’s Payoffs Private, Not Violation of Campaign Finance Laws

President Donald Trump is no saint and no one should treat him as such.

He has a problem with his mouth and how he treats people, but he has done a more good for American in less than two years than Obama did in eight years.

His moral character is also questionable, despite the fact that so many evangelical Christians have supported him.

Because of what Trump has done to help America and undo many of the socialist policies put in place by Barack Obama, Democrats are salivating over the reports that Trump’s payoffs of two women were violations of federal campaign finance laws, claiming that this could result in Trump’s impeachment or indictment once he leaves office.

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However, if Trump used private funds for the payoffs, then there was no violation of federal law.

Breitbart – Donald Trump: Michael Cohen Payoffs to Women a ‘Private Transaction’ Not Campaign Contribution – President Donald Trump defended hush money payments from private lawyer Michael Cohen to women on Monday, despite prosecutors claiming they were illegal campaign contributions.

“Now the Dems go to a simple private transaction, wrongly call it a campaign contribution which it was not,” he wrote.

Cohen pled guilty to arranging deals for Playboy model Karen McDougal and porn star Stormy Daniels to silence their claims that they had an affair with Trump before he was president. Cohen claimed that he did so at Trump’s direction.

Trump suggested Cohen was lying in order to get his prison sentence reduced, and that it was Cohen’s fault if there was a mistake…

If proven that Trump used private funds for the payoffs, the only thing he is guilty of was poor judgement and bad morals.

If those are grounds for impeachment or indictment, then a number of former presidents should have been removed from office and/or jailed.

John Kennedy allegedly had sexual affairs while in office.

Bill Clinton was guilty of multiple sexual affairs before and while in the White House.

Barack Obama violated the US Constitution, Congress and the courts along with lying to Congress, the courts and the American people.

Before Democrats start casting stones at Trump, they need to take a look at the glass houses they have been operating in.



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