Trump’s Original Plan of Partnership with Russia against Islamic Terror

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Left-Wing and Right-Wing Collusion v. Trump’s Original Plan of Partnership with Russia against Islamic Terror…

Every time the subject Trump and Russia emerges, U.S. socialists, more known as “Democrats,” talk about Russian “collusion,” as if a mere attempt of partnership with Russia were treason.

America has had much more than collusion with Saudi Arabia and China, which are not Christian, but the real threat in the American mind is… Russia, which today is much more conservative and an advocate of its main religion, the Christian Orthodox Church. The largest conservative conference in the world in 2014 happened at the Kremlin, Moscow. This conference attacked abortion, the homosexual agenda and Marxism.

In fact, Russia has especially been under attack since 2013, when Russian President Vladimir Putin passed a law banning homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents. U.S. President Barack Obama and the U.S. mainstream media mocked Russia, which has paid a very high cost for protecting its children from homosexual predators. The most important U.S. homosexual magazine labeled Putin and his conservative stances as the main global threat to the homosexual agenda.

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In contrast, Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, praised Putin’s conservative stances in a 2014 cover story titled “Putin’s Olympic Controversy” in Decision, the magazine published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Because of the past, where an anti-Christian atheistic Soviet Union was as threatening as China and Saudi Arabia, U.S. neocons keep the bogeyman alive, because they need to justify their insatiable expenditures in the massive U.S. military industrial complex. The Soviet Union died, but for all intents and purposes, it is necessary to keep it alive in the American mind.

So left-wing Obama and right-wing Bush were opposed to Russia. Both used NATO to keep Russia surrounded and suffocated. Obama imposed his socialist sanctions on Russia and Trump has kept them.

If Trump tries to lift Obama’s sanctions, the powerful left-wingers and right-wingers in America will charge him of “cozying up to Putin,” “collusion with the Kremlin,” etc.

Right-wingers say that all the accusations of “cozying up to Putin” are socialist-oriented.

So because of the condition of the American mind, trained for decades to see Russia as the biggest bogeyman, both sides use the bogeyman to scare the American public and scare U.S. presidents from a healthy partnership with Russia.

If the U.S. can have an economic partnership with China, the largest communist nation in the world, why not with Russia? For all intents, China is today the “Soviet Union” as far as communist threat is concerned. It is officially atheistic. It is anti-Christian.

If the U.S. can have a military and economic partnership with Saudi Arabia, the capital of Islam and the main sponsor of Islamic terror around the world, including ISIS, why not with Russia, the largest Christian Orthodox nation in the world?

Why does the U.S. establishment use a bogeyman against Christian Russia, but not against Islamic Saudi Arabia and communist China?

Any attempt by Trump of a partnership with Russia has been faced, since 2016, with numerous lies and accusations of “Russian collusion,” as if he wanted to enslave America to a Soviet Union — while actually America is already enslaved to Chinese communists and Saudi Muslims.

There is a real collusion. It is neocon-oriented. It involves U.S. left-wingers and right-wingers. And their aim is not China and Saudi Arabia. It is Russia.

In 2016, the Trevor Loudon website, known for his anti-Russian stridency, said,

“If Trump is elected, you will have the Russians… in the White House. Trump’s advisers are very connected to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Trump himself has many ties as well and is friends with Putin. This is why Putin will try to sabotage Clinton with leaked emails, etc.”

With Loudon’s occultist history, his presence in the White House would be more threatening than many other threats.

If you thought that “Trump Cozying Up to Putin” was an original left-wing accusation against Trump, nope. It came also from Cliff Kincaid, a Catholic who sees widespread Russian conspiracies in every crisis and problem in this world and outside it. In 2016, he wrote a number of articles against what he saw as a Trump-Putin “romance.”

In his article “Generals Warn of Russian Aggression As Trump Cozies Up To Putin,” Kincaid said,

Trump recently gave a foreign policy address that completely ignored Russian aggression in Ukraine, leading to a warm reception in Moscow for the Republican candidate.

The curious omission by Trump is one of several actions or statements he has made on Russian affairs that led Jonathan Chait to write an article for New York magazine entitled, “Why Is Donald Trump a Patsy for Vladimir Putin?” Attempting to explain Trump’s statements of support for Russian President Putin, he cited evidence of “Russia’s campaign to cultivate influence in the West by corrupting members of the American media and political Establishment.”

Even more significant is the verdict delivered by New York magazine’s Chait regarding Trump himself. He says that while Trump’s style and bombastic statements on foreign policy and other areas are considered controversial by some, the much bigger scandal may be that “Trump is Vladimir Putin’s stooge.” The story carried the implication that Trump is acting like an agent of influence for Putin’s Russia.

Trump, however, continues to preach cooperation with Russia.

Both Kincaid and Loudon, who consider themselves right-wingers, saw some kind of “Russian collusion” in Trump in 2016.

For neocons, the biggest problem in the universe is not Saudi Arabia and its supreme Islamic terror that slaughters Christians around the world. It is not China, the current Soviet Union.

It is the Russian bogeyman!

No one wants to be near the bogeyman. And neocons — including Loudon and Kincaid — are making sure that no American may have the peace of mind to be near the bogeyman.

“Trump Cozying Up to Putin” is a charge that shows that U.S. left-wingers and U.S. right-wingers are colluded in their disposition to serve neocon ambitions.

What if Trump took Putin to his ranch to extend a hand of friendship? Would Democrats and Republicans accuse him of treason?

Ronald Reagan did just so. He took Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader, to his ranch, to feel his family life and his warm reception. If Reagan could do it for the leader of an evil empire of atheism and communism, why cannot Trump do much more for the leader of the largest Christian Orthodox nation in the world?

No one accused Reagan of collusion with the Soviet Union. But now there are widespread accusations, from neocons, of Trump’s collusion with Putin, and Trump does not have even taken Putin to his ranch!

But neocons see no collusion of America with Islamic Saudi Arabia and communist China. And they do not let U.S. left-wingers and right-wingers see it too.

By consistently harassing and bullying through baseless accusations of “Russian collusion,” the neocon-oriented left-wing and right-wing collusion was able to scare Trump from a necessary partnership of America, the largest Protestant nation in the world, with Russia, the largest Christian Orthodox nation in the world, against Islamic terror.

Essentially, Trump’s speech in 2016 was against neocons and supportive of a partnership with Russia, a stance opposed by both Bush and Obama. A stance opposed by all neocon-oriented left-wingers and right-wingers.

Today, for neocons’ joy, Trump has learnt how to behave like Bush and Obama on foreign policy issues. The bogeyman has returned!

American neocons cannot live, and they cannot let Americans live, without the Russian bogeyman.

It is impossible for Trump to fulfill his promise of draining the swamp and having a necessary partnership between Christian America and Christian Russia against the Islamic threat while the swamp’s neocon crocodiles call the shots.

Portuguese version of this article: Conluio esquerdista e direitista contra o plano original de Trump de parceria com a Rússia contra o terrorismo islâmico

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