Trump will visit Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia on his first international trip

U.S. President Donald Trump will travel to Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia this month as part of his first foreign trip.

His trip will also include a NATO meeting in Brussels on May 25, even though he said in his campaign that NATO is useless. Actually, NATO has been completely useless to hinder the biggest threat to Europe: Islamic invasion. By strengthening useless NATO, Trump has torpedoed his excellent campaign vision.

Trump has made forging peace between Israel and Palestine and fighting Islamic State a focus of his administration’s foreign policy.

Yet, his visit to Saudi Arabia thwarts his intent to fight ISIS and Islamic terrorism, because Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of global Islamic terrorism.

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Even though Trump complained in an interview with Reuters last week that Washington is losing a “tremendous amount of money” defending Saudi Arabia, one of the first acts of his administration was to reward Saudi Arabia for fight terrorism, when actually Saudis promote it.

The usual U.S. policy to Islamic nations, as exemplified by Iraq and Afghanistan, is to invade or, as exemplified by Libya and Syria, to wreak havoc. All of these nations were not U.S. allies. Saudi Arabia has been an extraordinary exception because the Saudi dictatorship has its wealthy guarded in U.S. banks. So regardless what Saudis may do, the U.S. overlooks. But an invasion of Saudi Arabia is long overdue and highly deserved. Just remember 9/11, whose terrorists were mostly Saudi Muslims.

Again, Trump has torpedoed his excellent campaign vision.

Saudi Arabia’s powerful Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Trump in Washington in March in a visit hailed by a senior Saudi advisor as a “historical turning point” in U.S.-Saudi relations.

Trump, who met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House in February, has assigned his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is Jewish and formerly a registered Democrat, to oversee efforts to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

Trump met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House on Wednesday for peace talks. Different from Trump, conservative President Ronald Reagan never invited Palestinians for meetings in the White House or other place. It is not possible to fight Islamic terror by hosting Muslims who support terrorism.

Trump will meet Pope Francis at the Vatican probably on May 24 as part of his first international trip. Reagan met Pope John Paul 2 for an anticommunist alliance. But such alliance with Francis is impossible, because the current pope is fond of socialist ideas. Besides, Francis criticized Trump during his campaign for his intent of building a wall. Francis seems to understand that Mexicans have a natural right to invade the U.S. Why does Trump need to honor a left-wing pope?

Again, Trump has torpedoed his excellent campaign vision.

His visit to Israel had been reported by the Israeli media that said Trump’s first foreign journey will also include a stop in Saudi Arabia, a strategic U.S. ally where the Trump organization has a business history.

Yet, while the contacts of U.S. presidents have no pressure to divide Saudi lands with Palestinian Muslims, Israel has always been under U.S. pressure to divide its lands with Palestinian Muslims.

Trump delved into thorny Israel-Palestinian issues, including the “two-state solution” at the time when he declared, “I’m looking at two-state and one-state.” But if U.S. peace is dependent on a “two-state solution,” there will never be peace. The Promised Land was given by God only to Jews, not to Palestinians and other Arab Muslims.

Trump is wise to visit Israel. In His Word, God says that “the nation and kingdom that will not serve Israel shall perish; those nations shall be utterly laid waste.”

He will be wiser if besides a visit, he serves Israel.

Yet, what will Trump will gain by visiting at the same time Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia? Does he intend to serve these three nations and their antagonistic interests? This is not wise, because the Vatican and Saudi Arabia have always been hostile to Jews’ interests.

If Trump wants really to serve Israel, as God commands him to do, he should:

  1. Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the whole Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  2. Stop all “two-state solutions” in the U.S. foreign policy and pressure Saudi Arabia to form a Palestinian state in Saudi territory. Muslims have an obligation to help their Muslim brothers. In fact, the U.S. should invade Saudi Arabia, dispossess it and divide it with Palestinians. Fairer than this impossible.
  3. Stop the U.S. pressure on Israel regarding to ISIS, so that Israel may destroy ISIS in Syria. This is important for Christians, because ISIS is devastating Christian populations in Syria and Iraq.

If Israel was created to be served by other nations, the United States was created to serve Jesus and Israel. Certainly, the U.S. founders, including the Pilgrims, would be overjoyed to help the U.S. fulfill this noble mission.

The U.S. was not created to serve Saudi Arabia and the Vatican and their interests.

The U.S. was not created to use Israel for the U.S. interests.

The U.S. was created to serve Israel.

Trump’s first international trip should reflect it.

With information from the DailyMail.

Portuguese version of this article: Trump visitará Israel, o Vaticano e a Arábia Saudita em sua primeira viagem internacional

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