Trump Waiting Until After 2020 Election to Reveal ‘Really Great Healthcare Plan’

During President Donald Trump’s first year in office, Senate Republicans failed or refused to pass a healthcare plan designed to replace the obamination that had been forced on the American people.

Although House Republicans did pass a replacement healthcare plan to take the place of Obamacare, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has often opposed Trump, was unable to get fellow Senate Republicans to pass the House bill.

McConnell’s failure, or rebellion, has been a burr under Trump’s saddle ever since, because Trump promised the American people he would repeal and/or replace Obamacare.

Trump has made it known that he has what he calls a really great healthcare plan, but has said he won’t reveal the details until after the 2020 election.

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Breitbart – Donald Trump Postpones ‘Really Great’ Healthcare Plan Until After 2020 Election – President Donald Trump on Monday night postponed his plans to make Republicans into the “party of great health care” until after the 2020 elections.

“Vote will be taken right after the Election when Republicans hold the Senate and win back the House,” Trump wrote. “It will be truly great HealthCare that will work for America.”

Last week, the president tried to boost Republican efforts to come up with a new health care plan by promising something far better than Obamacare.

He specifically tasked Sens. John Barrasso, Bill Cassidy, and Rick Scott to come up with a much better plan after meeting with Senate Republicans on Tuesday.

But the appetite for a proposal appeared to dissipate among Republicans, as Democrats control the House of Representatives under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats successfully ran on improving the health care system in 2018…

One has to wonder why Trump would wait until after the 2020 election.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is a staunch anti-Trumper, will see his current term in the Senate ends in 2020.

McConnell is 77 and has not declared whether or not he is running for re-election.

A number of Democrats are already lining up to run for McConnell’s seat.

So far, I have not seen or heard of any Republican announcing a 2020 run for McConnell’s seat.

The bottom line is that there is a good chance that McConnell will no longer be the Senate Majority Leader, removing a major obstacle to any healthcare plan Trump puts forward.



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