Trump Urged to Break-up Big Tech Monopolies like Google & Facebook

There is no doubt that a number of tech giants like Google, Facebook and Instagram have been systematically and intentionally targeting conservatives and Christians in an effort to silence them from sharing the truth with the American people.

A number of conservatives have been petitioning their Representatives and Senators in Washington DC, asking them to investigate and take action to stop the unconstitutional trampling on the First Amendment rights of thousands of conservatives.

Some conservatives are taking another route.

They are asking President Donald Trump to action to break up the big tech monopolies of Facebook and Google among others.

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Conservative Firing Line – Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Reynolds to Trump: Break up big tech monopolies like Facebook, Google – In an op-ed published Monday at USA Today, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harland Reynolds said President Trump should follow in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt and break up big tech monopolies like Google and Facebook.

“Big monopolies aren’t just an economic threat: They’re a political threat. Because they’re largely free of market constraints, they don’t have to put all their energy into making a better product for less money. Instead, they put a lot of their energy into political manipulation to protect their monopoly,” he wrote.

“Today,” he explained, “things look a lot like Teddy Roosevelt’s era. A few monopolies occupy much of the tech world: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — FANG, as they’re often abbreviated. They gobble up potential competitors, as Facebook did with WhatsApp and Instagram.” …

The problem with the requests from Limbaugh and Reynolds is that in some ways, neither Facebook nor Google are monopolies in the true sense of the word.

With Facebook, there are other social media platforms who try to offer many of the same services that Facebook does.

As for Google, they are not the only web browser available as there is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Although the idea sounds great, I don’t think it has a legal leg to stand on.



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