Trump Tells Audience Border Wall Will be Built, Regardless of Congress’s Negotiations

Once again, about 800,000 federal employees are unsure if they will get a paycheck in the coming weeks as Democrats continue to refuse to defend America and the American people.

These same federal workers just went 5 weeks without a paycheck due to the stubbornness of Democrats and the last thing want or can afford to go through the same ordeal again.

Even more important is the issue of nation security and the safety of the American people.

Democrats insist on leaving the country and people unprotected while President Trump wants to protect both.

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While speaking in El Paso at the border, Trump told the audience that regardless of the negotiations of Congress, the border wall will be built.

The Washington Examiner – Trump: Congress can negotiate, but ‘we’re building the wall anyway’ – President Trump rallied supporters on the southern border Monday night, promising to build a border wall whether negotiators in Congress trying to strike a deal on the issue make progress or not.

“As I was walking up to this stage, I was told, ‘Progress is being made with this committee.’ Just so you know, we’re building the wall anyway,” said Trump, who spoke at the packed El Paso County Coliseum, located just one block north of the U.S.-Mexico border. He stood on a podium with two large red “Finish the Wall” signs hanging in the air to the left and right of him.

The campaign told the Washington Examiner it chose to hold the rally, Trump’s first of the year, in this specific border town because a barrier that was put up there a few years ago has led to a decrease in crime…

In one report I saw, an official in Israel said that when his country proposed building a border wall, they received many of the same opposing arguments that Trump is hearing.

However, he went on to say that after the wall was built, it made a huge difference in reducing illegal immigration along with helping to deter terrorists and criminals.

A 126-mile long triple wall was built in the Yuma, Arizona area several years ago and it has been effective in reducing illegal immigration by over 90%.

Walls do work but that’s not the real issue for Democrats – it’s about allowing millions of illegal voters into the US that’s important to them.



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