Trump Searches for Traitorous Author of Op Ed

Earlier this week, The New York Times ran an op ed piece that utterly destroyed the character of President Donald Trump.

Soon after the op ed was published, Trump was livid and referred to the anonymous author, supposedly a member of Trump’s White House, as a traitor.

The chop piece has caused everyone in the White House to look around to see who could have been the source, but they all deny it

Some of President Trump’s advisers have talked about having everyone possible, take a lie-detector test in hopes of ferreting out the traitor.

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Trump is demanding the New York Times to reveal the author as a matter of national security, but the Times, known for their anti-Trump reporting, including their fake news stories.

(The Hill)President Trump’s advisers have reportedly discussed using lie-detector tests to find out which member of the administration wrote the anonymous op-ed in The New York Times.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a Trump ally, suggested Thursday that the administration use lie-detector tests to determine the op-ed’s author.

The Times reported Thursday that Trump’s advisers have discussed the idea.

Lie-detector tests have been proposed in White House investigations before, the Times noted.

President Reagan was originally going to polygraph senior officials as he worked to determine who leaked a story about military operations in Lebanon to the media…

The media has been protecting sources for decades, and using the US Constitution to do it.

Many a reporter has spent time in jail protecting their sources.

With the way that the New York Times hates Trump, it’s doubtful that they will give up the source of the op ed.

Then there are those who say there was no White House source and the piece was another fake news hatchet job that the New York Times is known for.



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