Trump Says Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Not Allowed Return to US

Shamima Begum has been in the news recently.

She ran away from her home in Great Britain when she was 15 and fled to Syria to join ISIS.

After losing 2 children to disease in Syria, Begum, pregnant with her 3th child wants to return to Great Britain, but just found out that her treasonous actions led to her being stripped of British citizenship.

Hoda Muthana has a similar story where she lied to everyone in order to travel to Syria and join ISIS at the at age of 20.

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Muthana now says she was wrong and wants to return to the US.

President Trump tweeted about Muthana, saying that he has told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to refuse to allow her back into the country.

NPR – Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Can’t Come Back, Trump Says – An Alabama woman who traveled to Syria and became the bride of an Islamic State fighter wants to be allowed back into the United States, but President Trump won’t allow it.

“I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” Trump wrote Wednesday on Twitter.

Muthana was 20 years old when she told her family that she was going to Turkey for a university event. She then made her way to Syria and joined ISIS, became romantically involved with multiple ISIS fighters, had a child with one of them and allegedly spent several years urging attacks on America.

Now Muthana wants to come home. The 24-year-old regrets falling in with the terrorist group that brainwashed her online, a lawyer for the family told NPR’s David Greene on Morning Edition

Speaking out on behalf of Muthana is Hassan Shibly, the Chief Executive Director of CAIR Florida.

CAIR is considered by many to be a front of Islamic extremism and has been tied in the past to helping fund Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

Shibly says Muthana regrets her actions and is willing to face the legal ramifications of her actions and that she wants to be a spokesperson to warn others not to be brainwashed by Islamic radicals.

Frankly, she is facing her legal ramifications by being refused a return to America.

Besides, how can she be a spokesperson serving a life sentence for treason?



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