Trump and the Pope: a Right-Wing Populist (Today) Clashing with a Left-Wing Populist

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In his recent trip to Mexico, Pope Francis criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s desire to surround the United States with a wall preventing the entry of illegal immigrants.

Trump struck back by saying that the supreme leader of Catholics around the world is a shame — evidently by his leftist stances.

Francis does not want a wall surrounding the U.S. and keeping immigrants outside, but the Vatican itself is surrounded 100% by a wall preventing the entry of all illegal immigrants, especially Islamic invasions.

If Francis is worried about immigrants, why does not he take them in the Vatican? Why does not he overthrow the Vatican’s wall and make it clear that all illegal immigrants, especially Muslims, are welcome there?

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The Vatican policy, as exposed by Catholic writer Cliff Kincaid, has been to facilitate invasions of immigrants in the U.S. and Europe, because the Catholic Church has financial agreements with governments to help immigrants, so that the more immigrant invasions, the more money the Catholic Church receives.

It is obvious Francis is a left-wing populist, even though he is pro-life and pro-family. It is similarly obvious that Trump is a right-wing populist, even though he has not a pro-life and pro-family history.

Trump’s fantastic promises that make him a right-wing populist:

  1. He has promised to ban Muslim immigrants from the U.S. This is an excellent promise.
  2. He has promised to open the U.S. for Christian immigrants persecuted by Muslims around the world. This is an excellent promise.
  3. He has publicly demonstrated admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he has promised better relations with Russia. He is the only candidate who sees Islam, not Russia, as the main threat.

In his promises, Trump is a gust of fresh air in the U.S. politics.

The other Republican candidates, especially neocons, paranoidly vociferate against Russia, putting it as the main threat in the world. Oppositely, Trump vociferates against Islamists, putting Islam as such threat and promising a better relationship and friendship with Russia.

The other Republican candidates, especially neocons, promise more measures to contain Russians. Oppositely, Trump promises more measures to contain Muslims and greater opening to Russia.

The other Republican candidates, especially neocons, do not vociferate against Islamic crimes against Christians. Trump does it.

The other Republican candidates, especially neocons, want U.S. interventions in Syria and support the best interests of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syria. Both Islamic nations have supported the best interests of ISIS and other Islamic terrorists groups that have been the main responsible for the suffering and death of Christians in Syria, which has one of oldest Christian communities in the world. Trump is the only Republican candidate who has expressed a concern for Syrian Christians above the best interests of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. In fact, Trump is the only Republican candidate who has supported Russian interventions in Syria to fight ISIS and protect Christians.

The other Republican candidates, especially neocons, vociferate against Trump’s pro-Russia and anti-Muslim stances.

So Trump is totally different from the other Republican candidates, who are paranoid about Russia, not about Islamic threat. If Trump becomes president, anti-Russia and pro-Islam neocons will be shaken and disappointed.

Trump is Presbyterian and is not known as a spiritual man, but his promises of containing the Islamic threat have enraged the Saudi leadership, who has declared that Trump cannot become president, and make him better than most Presbyterians in the U.S.

Yet, he loses for the pope in pro-life and pro-family issues. Besides, Trump has never put into action his fantastic promises.

If by a miracle Trump is able, after elected, to become a pro-life and pro-family man that he has never been in all his existence, he will the perfect president. A friendlier relationship with Russian and a less friendly relationship with Muslim dictatorships is all the world needs, and in this Trump is completely right.

Now, it is hard to choose between a right-wing populist (today) who is pro-Russia and anti-Islam and a left-wing populist who is pro-life and pro-family and wants Muslim invasions in the U.S. and Europe, but not in the Vatican.

I support Trump’s pro-Russian and anti-Islamic populism (whose promises are theoretical).

And I support Pope Francis’ pro-life and pro-family populism.

Both need to learn political issues from one another.

About the charge from the pope that Trump is not a Christian, who can assure that the pope is a Christian?

Real Christianity is not left-wing or right-wing populism. Real Christianity is to know Christ and preach and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, by healing the sick, expelling demons and delivering the captives, all in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Pope and Trump do not seem to know this Christianity, which was preached and lived by Jesus and his apostles.

Only God knows if both will come to know and live the Gospel someday.

Only God knows if Trump will fulfill his pro-Russia and anti-Islam promises.

Only God knows if Trump will fulfill his promises of priorizing the entry in the U.S. of persecuted Christian immigrants.

Only God knows if Trump, who was a left-wing populist in the past, will be in the future the right-wing populist he is today.

Only God knows if Trump is going to be a hindrance or facilitator for the persistent U.S. politics of exporting and imposing the homosexual and abortion agenda around the world.

What about the Pope’s involvement in the U.S. elections? I do not know what effect it will have, but U.S. Catholics, especially immigrants, prefer to vote for left-wing candidates, often putting socialist and populist issues above pro-life issues. Most Catholics voted for Obama, a left-wing populist who has been extremely “generous” to Catholic and Muslim immigrants.

As a right-wing populist, willing to build a wall preventing illegal and Muslim immigration, Trump is unlikely to receive support from the Pope and most of his U.S. sheep.

He is also unlikely to receive support from pro-life leaders, unless he speaks up so forcefully about pro-life and pro-family issues as he has spoken up about Islamic issues.

If even the pope has chosen to be a left-wing pro-life populist, why cannot Trump choose to be a right-wing pro-life populist?

Be that as it may, the Pope has a massive wall around the Vatican for protection against illegal immigrants and Islamic invasions. Why cannot Trump build a massive wall around the U.S. for the same purpose?

Portuguese version of this article: Trump e o papa: um populista de direita (hoje) em conflito com um populista de esquerda

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