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Now that the suspense is over and Donald Trump has indeed clinched the Republican nomination to run for the 45th President of the United States of America, I find it helpful, as a biblical Christian, to assess the landscape going forward.

I am convinced that Donald Trump is the force necessary to begin eradication of the poison that is leftist progressivism in this country. I am equally convinced that Trump knows little about biblical Christianity. He clearly was reared in a home with Judeo-Christian influences. That fact reveals itself in how he reared his children. He self-identifies as Presbyterian, a protestant faith.

Even so, I think such an assessment is necessary for all Bible-oriented Christians, because an ignorance of Scripture as it relates to how our culture has degenerated, when that ignorance resides in someone of immense power, can spell disaster for Christian believers.

I have a habit of listening to prayers, from wherever they come whenever I hear them. They are, after all, entreaties to Almighty God and worth my time to listen. As I listened to the several different prayers given at the Republican Convention, I heard statements that were not fully scriptural. Such as the Methodist minister praying for God’s guidance on those of us who reject the behavior of some people because of whom “they love.” The pastor’s statement implied that God accepts sodomy as an act of “love.” When in fact, Scripture tells us that God views sodomy as an act of sin.

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One crucial feature of the degenerate nature of our culture is the frenzied attempt to force mainstreaming of homosexual and other deviant sexual behaviors upon biblical Christians. The current Obama administration is of course a champion of anything that demeans traditional American values. Obama’s embrace of all deviant sexual behaviors and subsequent persecution of any who hold traditional values is a means to the end of destroying America as it was founded.

Activist homosexuals, on the other hand, and all the other practitioners of the alphabet soup of behaviors (LGBTQ) condemned by Almighty God know that they will never convince a majority of people to embrace such behaviors, Christians or otherwise. Their only recourse is to use the power of corrupt judges to criminalize objection to such behaviors, such as in the case of the bakery owner Jack Phillips in Colorado,* among many others being legally harassed because of their faith. Under Obama, sex activists have made tremendous inroads toward that end.

One instance of such inroads was revealed in the convention speaker Peter Thiel. Mr. Thiel announced his pride in being homosexual and asserted “who cares,” regarding the issue of men pretending to be women and using women’s restrooms.

The crowd had been cheering his previous statements and I don’t know to what degree the cheering after that statement was from the libertarian and other liberal-leaning attendees, or from people who hadn’t fully absorbed what the speaker said. I suspect that the majority in the room care very much about the injustice emanating from Obama’s administration, attempting to force normal people into an acceptance of such a travesty against nature.

On the subject of transgender individuals invading women’s privacy, there will be no harmony and no coming together. Yes, we can all agree that hateful Islamist terrorists have absolutely no right to kill homosexuals or any other innocent human beings who are no threat to them, but that’s as far as the agreement goes.

There will also be no agreement on any sort of marriage other than God-ordained marriage between a man and a woman. The proper role of the federal government is to leave that issue to the states where it constitutionally belongs. Thankfully, the Republican platform says as much.

The question becomes, because of Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge of Scripture, how successful will these activists and their supporters be in convincing him to abuse his power in the name of a purported “fairness”? Trump seemingly looks upon acceptance of biblically condemned behaviors as an issue of fairness. I, and many Americans who agree, look upon the forced mainstreaming of biblically unsanctioned deviant behaviors as an issue of corrupting the soul of the nation. What we have is an insurmountable conflict.

Notwithstanding the dire circumstances Christians face today, several factors weigh in our favor. I think the most powerful factor is that those Christian leaders (many evangelicals) who rallied to support Trump (Dr. James Dobson; Pastor Robert Jeffress; Jerry Falwell, Jr, President of Liberty University; and a host of others) see clearly what we have in Donald Trump. A decent man who has the strength of his convictions, but his convictions are not necessarily guided by Scripture from Almighty God.

That lack of scriptural direction would be of no consequence if presidents did not wield such enormous power. Christians must be prepared to take Trump on if he ignores the persecution of believers at the hands of sex activists and corrupt judges.

Another factor in our favor is Mike Pence, candidate for Vice President and self-professed Christian. Although he displayed weakness in not upholding the Indiana “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” as it was originally passed by the Indiana Legislature and caved to pressure from leftist media and sex activists, as Pastor Jeffress noted, Pence is a decent man and by far a better man than many to fill a leadership role. He presumably is attuned to scriptural directives, even if Trump is not.

And finally, I think Donald Trump has given all Americans a voice to push back against the Left in general; he has obliterated political correctness.

The cadre of leftist tyrants against whom all patriots must now stand include sex activists of all stripes; race baiters of all ethnicities; and America haters, domestic and foreign. Most realize that our nation is at a precipice and we cannot be pushed anywhere else at this point except over the cliff.

My fervent prayer is that those who love this nation will have enough fortitude to push back vigorously. That is my goal; never to cease facing down evil from whatever its source. I can only hope many more Americans share a similar resolve.


© Sylvia Thompson

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Sylvia Thompson
Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal, leftist spin on issues pertaining to race and culture. Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She grew up in Southeast Texas during the waning years of Jim Crow-era legalized segregation, and she concludes that race relations in America will never improve as long as the voices of many are stifled by intimidation from the few. She believes the nation needs resounding voices of opposition from true patriots and Bible-oriented Christians, to stem the forces that would transform this nation into something it was never intended to be.

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