Trump Nominee Gives 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal Majority of GOP Appointed Judges

While Supreme Court nominees draw all of the media attention, President Trump, like other presidents before him, nominate numerous federal judges at various levels.

Consider the fact that in his 8 years in office, Barack Obama only had 2 Supreme Court nominees confirmed by the Senate, but all toll, he had a total of 329 judge nominees confirmed by the Senate.

So far, President Trump has had just over 90 judge nominees confirmed by the Senate, including 2 for the Supreme Court.

His latest nominee to be confirmed by the Senate is Paul Matey to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, making this the first Circuit Court of Appeals to have a majority of GOP appointed judges during Trump’s presidency.

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Washington Examiner – Trump flips federal appeals court with ‘Bridgegate’ attorney – With the confirmation of a nominee to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, President Trump has for the first time in his presidency flipped an appeals court to have a majority of Republican-appointed judges.

The approval of Paul Matey, who was deputy chief counsel to GOP New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the “Bridgegate” controversy, to the federal appeals court in Philadelphia marked a milestone in the efforts by the president and the Republican-controlled Senate to reshape the federal judiciary.

The Senate approved Matey’s nomination in a 54-45 vote on Tuesday. He is the 35th appeals court nominee confirmed since Trump took office. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., was the only Democrat to join with his Republican colleagues in voting for Matey…

Over the past 2 years, a number of Obama appointed judges have been the ones to illegally used their positions on the bench to block some of the legal actions of President Trump.

Most of the judges that Trump have nominated and who have been confirmed have histories of ruling on the Constitution and rule of law instead of ruling on their own personal agenda.

There are still about 130 federal judiciary vacancies to be filled with several more coming up before the end of Trump’s first term in office.

Hopefully, Trump will be busy and fill all of these vacancies as soon as possible, and especially before the 2020 election.



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