If Donald Trump Loses, It Is The End of America

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Sean Hannity often says that on his radio show and the scary thing is, he’s right. I know there are many Republicans, conservatives, and independents who will not vote for Trump for a variety of what they claim are very solid reasons.  Neither will they vote for Hillary. The main argument of the “Never-Trumpers” seems to be that Trump is just not acceptable as a candidate, both in terms of policy and temperament, and that it would be best if we just let Hillary win. Many of them also assume that after President Clinton screws up the country for four years, the Republicans will then retake the White House in 2020 and everything will be honky-dory.   It sounds like a reasonable plan, but it is not.

The problem with that line of thinking is that Hillary will not be dislodged in four years, nor do I think, assuming Hillary wins in November, a Republican will win the White House in eight years, or perhaps ever again.  I don’t think people understand how vicious and calculating Hillary Clinton is and how she will use her first term to lock in various policies and election fraud techniques that will make it nearly impossible for a Republican to ever win the White House again.   A Hillary presidency means the Democrat Party will remain in power for generations and will preside over a great decline in American economic and military strength.    It is also likely the GOP will cease to exist as a viable party and will slowly dwindle to irrelevancy.  Perhaps other small parties will emerge, but none will be able to challenge the Democrat Party dominance.

While the media is screaming bloody murder about vulgar things Trump said eleven years ago, they have decided to ignore the incredible lengths taken by Hillary to attack and belittle dozens of women who were groped and assaulted by her husband.  But the media is ignoring far more important matters such as how Hillary’s policies will push America over the tipping point in many different ways with a very damaging impact on America that in most cases, will be irreversible.    

In regards to fair elections, tax rates, welfare dependency, destruction of our energy industry, the disappearance of our manufacturing base, the collapse of our health care system, the rise of domestic terrorism, the composition of the Supreme Court and the concentration of executive branch power at the expense of legislative power, are all areas now at a critical point in American history.  A Hillary presidency will push us over all these tipping points, with disastrous consequences and the damage done will not be easily reversed, if at all.     

A Clinton presidency will accelerate election fraud techniques regarding veterans, prisoners, illegal aliens and welfare recipients

President Clinton will continue to do what Democrats have been perfecting since LBJ and JFK. Stealing elections.    She will the power of the presidency to solidify the infrastructure of election fraud so that no one will threaten her reelection and will make the White House a Democrat residence for generations. There are a number of ways she will do this. 

First, a Clinton White House will quietly drive an effort to restore “voting rights” to felons, both in prison and out, which has been an ongoing project of the left for years.  Indeed, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe attracted attention recently for unilaterally restoring the voting rights of 200,000 felons, but that was just the beginning.    The left doesn’t actually care about the rights of felons; all they know is they overwhelmingly vote Democratic.   Let me remind everyone there are six million felons in the country today and giving them the right to vote will dramatically increase the power of the Democrat Party.   Under a Hillary presidency, there is little doubt she will use her Department of Justice (DOJ) to force states to restore voting rights to felons, based on legal opinions by radical DOJ attorneys claiming to have discovered a new “civil rights” issue that they will enforce without input from Congress, especially if it’s controlled by Republicans. Remember, under socialists like Hillary, the DOJ is not used to enforce the constitution; it will be used the way Obama used it:  to accumulate power for the progressive agenda.    

Secondly, Hillary will continue the left’s secretive efforts to register the 15-20 million illegal aliens residing in America.  Obama’s corrupt Attorney Generals, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, have used the power of the Department of Justice to allow illegal aliens to vote by harassing and threatening states who institute photo ID laws to prevent campaign fraud.   Claiming “racism,” the DOJ has forced many states to drop any and all voter ID requirements even though such rules have nothing to do with race.  Indeed, every civilized country in the world requires identification to vote.  Make no mistake; the DOJ’s efforts are all about making it easy for illegal aliens to vote.

Americans need to recall how a group called ACORN illegally registered tens of thousands of illegal aliens in 2008 in coordination with the Obama campaign.  Many of its leaders were busted and ACORN disappeared, but what most Americans don’t know is that similar groups have been formed to carry on the same work.   Indeed, since 2009, the Obama Administration has doled out $63 million in grants to groups that register “immigrants” and if you think that doesn’t include illegal aliens, you are living in fantasy land.   

Indeed, the voter registration program overseen by the White House’s “Task Force on New Americans”  is administered by rabid open boarders advocate Cecilia Munoz, the former head of the illegal alien advocacy group, the Council of La Raza.  Many of the groups receiving grant money, such as “Welcoming America” are tied to the anti-American, pro-open borders billionaire George Soros.  In yet another example of incredible GOP stupidity, none of Congress’s “oversight” committees seems to have bothered to investigate what is likely a massive federally funded program to illegally registered illegal aliens in preparation for 2016.  And no doubt a Clinton presidency will ramp up funding for such groups and institutionalize the registration of illegal aliens.  And of course, Hillary will also continue Obama’s strategy of using the DOJ to keep states from implementing any type of voter identification system that would make it difficult for illegals to vote. 

This is also why liberals in state after state have been enacting laws, usually with the support of stupid Republicans, to allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses.  Once one has a drivers license, whether a state has a photo ID requirement becomes a mute point.  You can bet that a Hillary White House will be pushing her legislative allies in every state to make this a reality.     

As Ann Coulter documents in her book,   Adios America! The Left’s Plan to turn America into a Third World Hellhole, it has been the goal of Democrats for decades to increase both legal and illegal immigration, not because of any charitable concerns, but rather they know that immigrants – who today mostly hail from Third World countries – love big government and will likely vote Democrat.  This is also why the Democrats refuse to support efforts to secure the border and why both Obama and Clinton have called for increasing refugee admissions, granting amnesty to illegal aliens and raising legal immigration rates.  Incredibly, a number of naïve RINO Republicans over the last few years have supported amnesty for illegal aliens without having a clue they were playing right into the Democrat game plan to increase its vote totals.

Today, immigration – both legal and illegal — is all about increasing political power.  Period.  As Hillary has already announced, she will, if elected, increase the number of Syrian refugees by 55,000, a 555% increase, and of course, by underfunding the Border Patrol and blocking all efforts to secure the border, the number of illegal aliens will escalate under a Hillary presidency.  And progressive groups – using federal funds — will be standing by to register all of them Democratic.  Moreover, any state that even thinks about restoring integrity to the election process will have President Clinton’s DOJ knocking on their doors the next day.

Then Hillary will suppress the military vote which is largely Republican.  It is believed that the majority of overseas military voters were disenfranchised during the 2012 reelection because their ballots were received by the various states too late to be counted.   What most Americans don’t realize is that a few years before Obama’s re-election, a Federal law called the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) was signed into law.  This law required states to make an extra effort to collect and accept overseas military absentee ballots, but Obama simply granted waivers to a number of states so they would not have to comply with it.  As a result, tens of thousands of military votes were thrown out.   These waivers alone may have allowed Obama to win some key swing states and thus the 2012 election.   One has to wonder which states have been granted waivers this election cycle.

There is little doubt a Hillary White House will continue to grant such waivers and, indeed, I predict she will use the power of the federal government to pressure states to accept waivers, a decision that is made at the state level by the Secretary of State.  Indeed, in the 22 states where Democrats control the Secretary of State position, getting them to accept waivers to the MOVE law will be easy, but if Hillary wins next month and has a coattail effect, the Democrats may control additional Secretaries of State.    

Lastly, there is the effort to intertwine welfare programs with voter registration.   In 1993, congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which required all federal welfare offices to offer welfare recipient voter registration forms and even “assistance” filling out the forms.   However, many federal offices are lax about this law and forget to offer the voter registration forms to people.  But rest assured, Hillary will put teeth into this law by using executive orders requiring all federal welfare agencies to set goals as to how many welfare recipients need to be registered.  The effort to get all welfare recipients registered will be placed on steroids and Hillary will make damn sure that everyone who receives  some form of federal welfare – Section 8 Housing subsidies, AFDC, food stamps, etc. — will be pressured into registering to vote.   Hillary knows that the more government mixes together welfare benefits and voter registration, the more the assumption is created in the minds of welfare recipients that they need to vote Democrat in order to keep the benefits flowing.  This is why under Obama, welfare programs exploded and federal bureaucrats were even phone banking people to enroll them in various welfare programs.   As of now, 45 million Americans receive food stamps – 1 in every 7 Americans—a record.

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Steve Baldwin
Steve Baldwin is a former California State Assemblyman and the former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom. He has been published in numerous publications and is the author of From Crayons to Condoms, The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools.

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