Trump Jr. Blasts Democrats While Speaking at Penn State

Tuesday night, Donald Trump Jr., spoke to a crowd of 700 students at Penn State University.

Trump Jr. railed against the Democrats and media for all of their negativity and for taking everything that was good and turning into something very bad, just to sway the people against his dad.

He also pointed out that many of Trump’s economic and foreign policies would be well celebrated had any other president done them, but because they hate his father, they make all of them look and sound as bad as possible.

Bringing the cheers of the students, Trump Jr., said that the 2020 re-election of his dad should be one of the easiest re-elections in modern history, mainly due to the fact that no one else can come close to doing for the American people what his dad has done.

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Washington Examiner – Don Jr. on fire: Rips ‘moronic’ Dems, AOC, Black Caucus, Warren, media, polls – President Trump’s top surrogate, son Donald Trump Jr., tore through the Democratic Party and media to a sold-out college audience Tuesday night and predicted that the 2020 presidential election “should be the easiest reelection in the history of this country.”

To 700 cheering Penn State students, some of whom waited in line for hours to attend the latest Turning Point USA “Campus Clash,” Trump said the economic and foreign policy advances under the president would be cheered if they occurred under any other administration.

But instead, he said, opponents, Democrats, and the media spin it negatively.

“How do we take good news and turn it into bad news for Trump, as opposed to maybe we should question the moronic and failed policies of the other side,” said Trump, on stage with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle and Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk…

Penn State, like so many other public universities, is known for its liberal, Democrat leaning bent, so seeing that Trump Jr. drew a crowd of 700 students who cheered instead of jeered, is encouraging.

However, they did cheer at Trump Jr., criticized the Green New Deal and its promoter – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

From Ocasio-Cortez, he moved on to Elizabeth Warren and her claim to an American Indian.

Then he moved to the Mueller report.



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