Trump Hating House Dem Still Attacking on Russia Probe

Adam Schiff is a typical California socialist Democrat and is one of the most ardent Trump haters in the House of Representatives.

He was first elected to the House in the 2000 election and was a staunch, blindly loyal disciple of America’s supreme socialist – Barack Obama.

Schiff has been running around Washington for nearly two years screaming the nation is falling, the nation is falling, ever since Donald Trump was sworn into office.

Since the Democrat takeover over the House, Schiff is now Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, which seems more like an oxymoron where Schiff is concerned.

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He is now threatening to subpoena all of the notes from the interpreter who attended the meetings between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Fox News – Schiff floats subpoena for Putin meeting translator, as Dem majority ramps up Trump probes – Newly minted House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff hinted over the weekend that he could subpoena notes or testimony from the interpreter in several meetings between President Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, a move that would dramatically escalate majority Democrats’ investigations into the Trump administration.

The chamber’s newly empowered Democratic committee chairmen already are probing a range of Trump controversies, including calling a hearing with ex-fixer Michael Cohen who has detailed Trump’s alleged role in making hush-money payments to mistresses.

But a move to obtain interpreter details from Putin meetings would trigger a major confrontation between the executive and legislative branches concerning discussions with foreign leaders. Schiff, D-Calif., weighed in after The Washington Post reported that Trump took possession of the notes from his own interpreter and instructed the individual not to discuss what had taken place in the meeting with other administration officials…

Schiff is so ardent in his hatred of Trump and desire to remove him from office, that he would continue to waste thousands of taxpayer dollars for more investigations, even if all evidence totally acquitted Trump from any wrong doing with Russia.

Schiff is also one the House Dems who opposed the tax cuts that have helped the economy and millions of Americans.

He also strongly opposes the border wall.

If I had to name the top five America hating Democrats in Congress, Adam Schiff would definitely be on the short list.



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