Trump – Giuliani Call for Reverse Investigation

For the past month or so, President Donald Trump has claimed that the Mueller investigation was illegal from day one.

Trump has claimed those involved with the investigation were also acting illegally and that they were trying to actively take down a sitting president.

Now that Trump has pretty much been exonerated by Mueller’s final report and the fact that the dossier that launched the entire messy investigation was based on unsubstantiated information, Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani are calling for an investigation of those who so doggedly investigated him.

Giuliani says that he wants an investigation into those who investigated Trump to be as complete or enthusiastic as Mueller’s investigation.

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The Epoch Times – Trump, Giuliani Call for Investigations Into Russia Probe’s Origin – Following the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s key findings, President Donald Trump and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on March 24 suggested that the investigators should be investigated.

Trump described the investigation as an “illegal takedown” of a sitting president, adding that it has “failed.” Mueller’s report showed there no evidence of collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election, according to a letter from Attorney General William Barr.

“Hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side,” he told reporters.

Later, Giuliani told Fox News that a probe should be launched into how the investigation started…

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Republican Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee has announced that he intends to investigate Steele, the anti-Trump FBI employees and those who financed the Steele dossier.

However, Graham never said anything about investigating those who investigated Trump.

So, who will carry out the investigation Trump is calling for and if that person will investigate the person who questionably appointed Mueller as Special Counsel – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?



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