Trump fires IRS Tax Code but taking heads won’t be satisfied

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Donald Trump finished an impressive press conference on the IRS Tax Code. He called it “reforming” we call it “firing” because essentially that’s what he’s done. “Too few are working, too many jobs are being shipped overseas and the middle income earners can’t make ends meet.” Trump purports reforming the tax code “will make America strong and great again.”

Naturally, the Complainariats, the talking heads and most especially the “conservative media” will be in an up-roar over the tax plan. The liberal wing will demand more details and amplified explanation about how Trump plans to pay down the “debt” (which stands at over 19 trillion dollars).

The “conservative” media – National Review and Federalist – will issue sanctimonious invectives demanding that Trump justify how raising taxes on the “rich” is a Republican policy. “No Republican” they will say, “has ever proposed to raise taxes on the rich. That’s the politics of envy. It’s the politics of Obama.”

Obviously raising taxes as a ploy to engage the vast middle income American tax-payer is a calculated tactic. But it appears genuine and not simply a cynical move. However, the Complainariats are correct, traditional Republican positions eschew any type of tax raising scheme. But then, traditional Republicans also eschewed taking on illegal immigration, so why should middle American’s care about “traditional Republican” positions?

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What middle America does care about is what impacts them directly and Donald’s reform impacts them directly. The concerns of talking heads and their proclivities and obsession with whether or not Trump fits the establishment paradigm isn’t a concern middle America shares.

There is nevertheless, one important mater that needs to be explained to the talking heads. Donald, unlike any of their favourite candidates is a leader. He shows that with these kinds of bold initiatives. And even though this isn’t the celebrated “flat tax” reform that most conservatives like, it is a considerable piece of tax reform nonetheless.


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