Trump Finally Referred to Coup Attempt Against Him as Treason

Democrats, the media and even many Republicans have been complaining for over two years that President is too outspoken, especially with his Twitter account.

I have to admit that he has resorted to name calling or other characterizations that seem more like those one hears on the school grounds, but not from the White House.

A couple examples are when he referred to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as Little Rocket Man and then describing Rep. Adam Schiff as having a skinny pencil neck.

While many conservatives have been using the term ‘treason’ to refer to the actions of some Democrats and members of the FBI and DOJ, Trump has shown remarkable restraint with the term.

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However, his restraint is gone as finally referred to the coup attempt against him as an act of treason.,

The National Sentinel – About time: POTUS Trump finally uses the word “TREASON” to describe the Deep State coup attempt against him – Once it became crystal clear that the Deep State operatives loyal to Barack Obama and to the preservation of the Washington political establishment had conspired against POTUS Donald Trump in an unprecedented attempt to remove him from office, we began using the “T” word to describe their behavior.

“T” as in treason. What else do you call it when members of your own government secretly plot to overthrow you?

But up to now, only this publication and precious few others dared to use the T-word to describe the actions of James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, John Brennan, and even President Obama himself in launching “Spygate.”

That has changed. POTUS Trump himself has now used the word in an interview with reporters at the White House on Tuesday…

The charge of treason is one of the most serious charges anyone can face.

Since the formation of the United States, people convicted of treason have been executed, either by hanging or firing squad.

We all know that this will never happen, but if Trump is serious about his use of the word treason, then charges should be filed against all involved in the coup attempt and if convicted, they should probably all receive life without parole sentences.

Sadly, the next Democrat to get elected president will most like commute or pardon all of the treasoners.



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