Trump Economy Up – Jobs Down

Over 20-years-ago, it was fairly easy to find a job as there were more jobs than workers.

Seeing help wanted signs was common.

That all changed after Bill Clinton destroyed the economy with his progressive mortgages and during by the time Obama took office, jobs were scares and millions of Americans were looking for work and losing their homes.

In just 2 years of Trump economic policies, the economy is again booming with the first quarter GDP coming in much higher than predicted.

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Additionally, driving through town, I again see lots of help wanted signs as there are more jobs than people to fill them – a result of unemployment dropping to 3.6%.

People’s Pundit Daily – Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Adds 263K Jobs in April, Unemployment Declines to 3.6% – Total nonfarm payrolls rose by a strong 263,000 in April, and the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, both easily beating the consensus forecast. Wages continued to rise and unemployment for Hispanic unemployment fell to a new all-time low.

Construction added 33,000 jobs in April, fueled largely by nonresidential specialty trade contractors (+22,000). Heavy and civil engineering construction contributed 10,000. Construction has added 256,000 jobs over the past 12 months.

Manufacturing rose by 4,000 in April, a slight change for the third straight month. In the 12 months prior to February, the industry had added an average of 22,000 jobs per month.

“This report is very consistent with the March ADP report,” Tim Anderson, analyst at TJM Investments said. “It also break the string of what was 4 months of a ‘back-and-forth’ between jobs reports from BLS and ADP having conflicting or inconsistent results.” …

If Democrats regain control of the White House and Senate in 2020, all of this economic growth and low unemployment will quickly disappear.

The socialist plans being pushed by Democrats will result in massive tax increases which will result in the loss of millions of jobs.

With millions of people out of work, the housing market and most manufacturing sectors will also crash.

Millions of people will file bankruptcy and allow their homes to fall into foreclosure.

In fact, what the Democrats are pushing could put America into an economic depression as bad or worse as the Great Depression that too place nearly a century ago.



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