Trump Declares National Emergency at Border Due to Treasonous Actions of Democrats

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to build a border wall and increase border security.

He saw the danger of the open border policy of the Democrats and saw how many Americans were being victimized by criminal illegal aliens that Democrats protected in their sanctuary cities and states.

Trump also knew that illegal aliens were costing taxpayers over $100 billion a year.

His promise to build a border wall was one of the main reasons he was elected.

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However, Democrats have opposed the border wall from the onset and fought to block all attempts to fund the wall.

This left President Trump no alternative but to declare a national emergency on the border, in order for him to get the border wall built.

The Washington Times – Trump declares national emergency on border, taking extra money for wall – President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border Friday, saying he’ll defy Congress to divert about $6.5 billion in unspent federal funds to build more border walls that lawmakers have refused to authorize.

“We’re going to confront the national security crisis at our southern border,” the president said. “We’re talking about an invasion of our country.”

He called the declaration “a great thing to do.”

In a Rose Garden event, the president signed a spending bill to keep the government open, a measure that provides nearly $1.4 billion for border barriers.

But after months of bitter debate with Democrats and a 35-day government shutdown over border security, Mr. Trump said the bill doesn’t go far enough to address the crisis of illegal immigration and drug smuggling on the border with Mexico. The deal includes a record $23 billion for border security measures…

Democrats argue that the US cannot afford the $5.9 billion to $25 billion to build the border wall, but their open border policy costs us $167 billion every year and that figure climbs every year.

More importantly, the flood of illegal aliens is allowing thousands of criminals and gang members, along with who knows how many terrorists to infiltrate our county where they can wreak havoc and brutally attack and destroy the lives of thousands of Americans.

Democrats have proved they care nothing about national security or the safety of the American people.

All Democrats are concerned with is getting as many illegal voters into the country to cast illegal votes in upcoming elections, especially the 2020 election.



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