Trump Criticizes ‘Grabber’ Migrants for Using Children as Shields When Storming the Border

As I’ve said before, Democrats often refer to the migrants in the caravan are just law-abiding citizens who are fleeing violence in their home countries.

And, as I’ve pointed out, these so-called violence feeing law-abiding people just resorted to violence for the purpose of violating US federal immigration laws.

So, what makes them any different than the violent criminals they claim to be fleeing?

President Trump has also taken notice of the unethical careless and dangerous tactic used by the caravan migrants who held up their  children as shields when they charged the US border and Border Patrol agents.

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Fox News – Trump: ‘Grabber’ migrants used children as human shields at border – At a Monday night roundtable in Mississippi on his bipartisan criminal justice reform effort, President Trump charged that some migrants he identified as “grabbers” who rushed the San Ysidro, Calif., point of entry on Sunday essentially used children as human shields at the border.

“We’ve had some very violent people, and we don’t want, frankly, those people in our society,” Trump said at the Biloxi event, which included Mississippi law enforcement officials and South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. “We don’t want those people in our country. Three Border Patrol people yesterday were very badly hurt, getting hit with rocks and stones.”

Earlier Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan said four agents wearing protective gear were hit with rocks during an “extremely dangerous situation,” but were not badly hurt…

Holding up their children in the face of violence makes them no better than ISIS terrorists who used civilian women and children to hide behind during their bloody reign of terror in Syria.

The actions of the migrants also display that they are not lawful nor are they worthy of entering the United States because e they have no care or concern for respecting American law.

Every one of the should be arrested and deported back to their homes and if the authorities from whence they came do not want them back, ship them back anyway.

Perhaps the United States should bill their home countries for all expense incurred with their arrest, detention, legal processing and deportation.

That should certainly force some countries to take stronger measures to keep their people home.



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