Trump Criticized for Withdrawing from Winless and Endless War

This week has resulted in some bombshell announcements from the White House.

First, President Trump announced that he was withdrawing troops from Syria and that was followed by the resignation of Gen. James Mattis as Secretary of Defense.

They were followed by Trump’s announcement that he is withdrawing 7,000 troops from Afghanistan.

All three announcements have garnered a fair share of criticism from Democrats, the mainstream media and even a number of Republicans.

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Everyone seems to be concerned about ISIS and the Taliban regaining control and power after the US withdraws, but they are being very short-sighted.

Huffington Post – Donald Trump Orders 7,000 U.S. Troops Out Of Afghanistan: Reports – A day after President Donald Trump announced American troops were being withdrawn from Syria, officials revealed that he has also ordered the Pentagon to pull out half the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, according to several media reports.

More than 7,000 American troops will begin to return home within weeks, a U.S. official told The Wall Street Journal, which was the first to report on the Afghanistan pullout.

Trump’s aim is to eventually withdraw all 14,000 troops in Afghanistan over the next several months, the Journal reported. Most of the troops are part of a NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist Afghan forces.

The decision on Afghanistan was made Tuesday, the same day Trump issued an order to pull all 2,000 U.S. personnel out of Syria, CNN reported…

Everyone is so worried about the Islamic extremists taking control of areas after the US leaves, but there are two realities that no one seems to be addressing.

The different ethnic groups and sects within Islam have been warring with each other for centuries and will most likely continue to fight each other until the end of time and nothing the US can do will prevent it.

Secondly, the US cannot afford to keep troops in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other Middle East countries, indefinitely.

Facing those realities, I would prefer to see president Trump withdraw all of our troops from the region and place them along our southern border to protect our own country.

Isn’t it time our troops protect Americans rather than everyone else?




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