Trump Can Legally Build Wall Without Congress, Declaring Emergency & Dems Can’t Stop It

Donald Trump won the election in 2016 by promising to build a border wall and increase border security.

Millions of Americans are tired of being victimized by illegal aliens

Millions of Americans are upset over seeing $165 billion of their tax money used for illegal aliens.

And, millions of Americas are tired and upset in seeing illegal aliens receive preferential treatment in many areas.

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The bottom line is that millions of Americans DO want the border wall built, including many that live along or near the border.

A congressional research group has shown that President Donald Trump can fulfil his campaign promise and build the border wall without going through Congress, without declaring an emergency and Democrats can’t sue to stop it.

Steadfast and Loyal – CONGRESS RESEARCH SAYS TRUMP CAN BUILD WALL WITHOUT CONGRESS OR AN EMERGENCY DECLARATION – Congress has a non partisan research arm and they have come up with something very interesting. They have stated that President Trump can build the wall without congress and without declaring an emergency.

Better yet, Democrats can’t sue to stop it. The Department of Defense can help out with law enforcement in certain circumstances. One of those circumstances is with drug trafficking. The DOD can build walls to make it harder for drug dealers to move their poison into the country. But there is one thing.

They can build walls in the drug corridors but not to prevent people.

From The Daily Caller

CRS, Congress’s in-house research arm, internally published a paper Jan. 10 titled “Can the Department of Defense Build the Border Wall?,” which The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained. It says (emphasis added):…

10 U.S.C. § 284 (Section 284) gives the Secretary of Defense the authority and power to take appropriate action to stop the illegal flow of drugs and organized crime into the United States.

The act allows for the construction of roads, fences and lighting to be constructed along the international boundaries of the United States for the purpose of stopping or preventing the illegal trafficking of drugs and organized crime across the border.

The one draw back of this one measure is that it specifies the construction of fences only along drug smuggling corridors, which could limit how much border wall could be built.

However, there is no legal definition of what constitutes a drug corridor, thus leaving it up to interpretation.



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