Trump Called Liar Before Ever Speaking

For the past two years, we’ve seen something in America that we’ve never really seen in the past.

The mainstream media and members of the Democratic Party so bitterly hate one person that they go to such extremes to make that person look, like worse than Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin the Antichrist and Satan combined.

Never has the mainstream media spread so much fake news about one person in all of American history and Democrats continue to fuel the flood of fake news.

For example, on Tuesday night, President Trump addressed the nation.

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Before he ever said a single word or even showed for his address, the mainstream media and many Democrats were already calling him a liar.

Canada Free Press – Heartless, No Soul Democrats/Media Label the President A Liar Before He Even Delivers His Address – The Democrats have closed their ears to the cries of anguish of their own citizenry.

Led by top Dem donkeys Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Democrats tried a play last night to make as many in the masses as deranged about reality as they are.

They want the masses to repeat after them that the border crisis isn’t happening—their most outrageous denial of them all.

Flatly denying the border crisis hasn’t saved a single life in 40 years.  Pelosi has been in public office for 31 years, Schumer for 38 years., making Almost 70 years between them.

They’re trying to make out that the immigration morass which they ignored for almost four decades began with President Donald Trump’s prime time Humanitarian and Security Crisis at the Southern Border address to the public last night.

Their propaganda has reached its zenith.

The media offered them the last word and they stampeded in to take it with as much yada, yada, yada as the cable networks’ talking heads…

From the moment it was announced to the American people that businessman and political outsider Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton for the White House, Democrats (and some RINOs) vowed to do whatever they could to stop Trump and his agenda.

It didn’t matter how good for the nation or the American people any of Trump’s agenda items were, Democrats vowed to go to extremes to prevent them from becoming a reality.

Case in point if the border wall and issue of immigration. Even when Trump stated proven facts, Democrats called him a liar.

Nancy Pelosi went so far as say that Trump wants to abolish Congress and assume sole power over the nation.



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