Trump Approval Ratings Higher Than Obama’s At Same Point in 1st Term

I contend that lunacy runs rampant among many of America’s Democrats.

My proof is that many of them still claim that Barack Obama was the greatest president in American history.

Like Joe Biden, they don’t see any hint of scandals, despite Obama’s tenure being plagued by one scandal after another.

The same Democrats claim that Donald Trump is the worst president in American history, citing Trump’s Russian collusion which he has been totally exonerated of.

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If that is the case, then please explain why the Gallup Poll shows that at the same time in office, Trump’s approval ratings are higher than Obama’s?

PJ Media – Gallup Poll: Trump Approval Higher Than Obama’s At Same Point in Presidency – A new Gallup poll released last week shows President Trump’s approval rating steady despite the Mueller report. In fact, at 46 percent, it’s an all-time high for him at Gallup.

Approval of President Donald Trump’s job performance remains relatively high for him following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in late March, and amid a flurry of positive economic news. After jumping from 39% in early March to 45% in the first half of April, Trump’s approval rating held at 46% in a new Gallup poll conducted April 17-30.

According to the poll, Trump’s approval is up with both Republicans and Democrats. “Trump’s 91% approval rating among Republicans in the latest poll is on the high end for this group, nearly matching the record high of 92% from November of last year. Democrats’ ratings of Trump remain low but relatively high for this group — the latest 12% he receives from Democrats matches their previous high from April 2017.” …

Think about  the difference between Obama and Trump.

Under Obama, America saw unemployment at 8.05 or higher for 40 consecutive months.

Under Trump, unemployment is the lowest since 1969 with unemployment for black and Hispanic Americans being at an all-time low.

Under Obama, taxes were high and wages were not.

Under Trump, taxes are lower and wages are generally higher, with people taking home more money in their paychecks than anytime during the Obama years.

Under Obama, millions of illegal aliens were welcomed and given more benefits than those received by American citizens.

Under Trump, more illegals are being detained and deported and the wall is being built.



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