Trump Administration Allowing Lawsuits Agaisnt Companies Doing Business with Cuba

After decades of severed relations and travel with Cuba, Barack Obama decided to open up relations with the communist dictatorship, which seems to fit right in with his socialist agenda.

This week, National Security Adviser John Bolton announced a measure that takes the United States in the opposite direction than that of Obama.

The move will all American citizens who had private property and assets seized or stolen by the Cuban government over the years, to file lawsuits with foreign firms who conduct business with Cuba.

Bolton made the announcement while addressing American veterans of the attempted Bay of Pigs invasion, who had gathered in Miami.

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BBC News – US to allow Americans to sue foreign firms over Cuba property seizures – The Trump administration has announced that Americans can sue foreign companies that do business in Cuba on property there seized from Americans.

The move marks a sharp change in US policy towards Cuba and has been opposed by Canada and European countries which have threatened to sue.

It is seen as an effort to stem investment in Cuba for its support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The 1959 Cuban Revolution has led to years of US trade restrictions on Cuba.

The policy change was announced during a speech given in Miami by National Security Adviser John Bolton to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the failed US-backed efforts to invade Cuba through the Bay of Pigs…

In 1996, Congress passed the Helms-Burton Act that allows for these kinds of lawsuits.

However, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama suspended the lawsuit provision of the Helms-Burton Act.

The Trump administration has opted to uphold that provision, thus opening up the possibility for the lawsuits against companies doing business with Cuba, and rightly so.



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