True Conservatism Had a Good Week in Advancing Leftism

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True Conservatism had a good week in helping to advance leftism and further demonize anyone who isn’t on board with it.

Conservatism is dead but its corpse remains useful in advancing leftism and crushing the few people who haven’t yet submitted to it. And the week of Jan. 31 saw conservatism prove especially useful in advancing its master’s agenda.

I previously wrote about Katie Pavlich advocating for the unfair rules of war that favor the left.

But there also was Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas who issued a press release condemning Return of Kings and smearing its proprietor, Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, as wanting to legalize rape. The charge against Valizadeh is fallacious yet is spread by left and right alike. And thanks to people like Abbott—elected into office by the conservative base—the left can claim another scalp, having successfully caused Valizadeh to cancel an event.

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On a separate note, even as Valizadeh does not advocate for legalizing rape, why would anyone care if he did? After all, the Ruling Class is pro-rape when illegal aliens and refugees are raping Americans and Europeans. And the Ruling Class certainly doesn’t think there is anything “vulgar” or “beyond the pale” about Bernie Sanders and his rape fantasies, or the Clintons and their actual rapes.

And in the third act of True Conservatism advancing leftism this week we have Hugh Hewitt—not just a True Conservative but a Conservative Leader. Here’s what he had to say on Obama speaking at a mosque this week.

HEWITT: And one more non-political question before we talk about the map. The President of the United States today went to a mosque. He gave a very good speech. It was a superb speech, actually, one that argued for religious tolerance, reminded people of various persecutions of religious minorities in our history, reminded them of our Muslim allies around the world. You know, I don’t give him compliments very often, but he did a very good job today. Do you think he’s taken a page from your brother’s book on this?

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me with regards to conservatism is the way it has reacted to Trump after decades of insisting the conservative base both embrace people like him and his beliefs. On top of this, True Conservatives have used language against Trump and his supporters that I’ve never heard them use against the left — that they’ve scolded others for saying about leftists.

Hewitt praising Obama — a man whose core beliefs include slaughtering babies, evangelizing sodomy throughout the world, being Defender of the (Islamic) Faith, and destroying the U.S. — is just the latest example of this blatant hypocrisy.

So kudos to True Conservatives for continuing to advance leftism this week and smashing the dwindling few who haven’t yet surrendered to it. Here’s to hoping you can advance even more evil next week.

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