Transgender Was 1 of 2 Shooters at Colorado High School

Every time there is a school shooting, the sewagestream media and Democrats instantly begin their mantra calling for more gun control.

I’ve also heard a number of leftist media announcers and Democrats do their best to portray school shooters as deranged conservatives.

On Tuesday, two students opened fire on fellow students at a high school only a few miles from Columbine High School.

One student was killed while trying to help subdue the shooters and a number of others were wounded.

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One of the shooters was an 18-year-old boy and the other shooter is being identified as a minor who just happens to be a female transgender.

Washington Examiner – One of the two suspects in the Colorado school shooting is female, reportedly transgender – The second suspect in yesterday’s shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch has been identified as a “juvenile female,” although the person is reportedly transgender.

Authorities say the shooting, which left one student dead and eight others wounded, was perpetrated by 18-year-old Devon Erickson and an unnamed minor. The ABC local affiliate has reported the minor is transgender and is transitioning from woman to man.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock at a Wednesday morning press conference did not directly respond to reports about the minor’s gender.

“Right now, we are identifying the individual as a female, because that’s where we’re at,” he said. “We originally thought the juvenile was a male by appearance.” …

Leftists and many misguided conservatives continue to blame guns and gun laws for school shootings, as if guns have the ability to control the minds of the people who hold them.

In reality, these 2 students are just living out what they are taught in school.

They are taught that there is no God and that it’s survival of the strongest and that you have to take of yourself above all else.

They are taught no respect, no morals, no virtue and thus many students are left with a sense of uselessness, disconnect, anger and rebellion.



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