Transgender Children’s Book Jazz Forced On Elementary Students

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The Mt. Horeb Elementary school in Wisconsin has decided not to read a book called Jazz after Liberty Counsel, on behalf of parents sent a letter to the school threatening a lawsuit.

Mat Staver: Matt, this particular situation developed in a place called Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, and it’s for elementary schools. And on Thursday, they wrote a letter. The parents either got it Thursday or Friday, saying that on the following Monday, very little notice, that they were going to read the book, Jazz, to all of the students in the elementary school.

Why? Because they said they had one boy, who is biologically a boy, and has male, biological genitalia, but who thinks that he is a girl. And because of that one person within the elementary school, they wanted to subject the entire to this reading of the book, Jazz.

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When the parents found out about it they were naturally concerned. They contacted Liberty Counsel. we sent a letter to the school principal, and to others on the school board, objecting and threatening a lawsuit. And the good news is the school decided to back down and are not going to have the book, Jazz, at least at this time, read to the students.

Matt Barber: And I hope other schools around the country will take notice and follow suit because this is a gross violation of parental rights and this warps the minds of these young people. which is what they’re attempting to do here. Trying to indoctrinate children, to re-program them to join in on this delusion that just because a male feels like a female, or a female feels like a male, or wants to be a male or likes to wear the clothing of the opposite sex, for whatever reason…that that could actually occur…

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