‘Torture’ Accusations and Other Subversion Require Investigations

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Torture accusations and other subversion against the U.S. have poured out of leftists and their media allies almost from the moment the U.S. started fighting back against the Islamic War on the West, and as they release their latest attack it’s time for national leaders to launch endless investigations into them.

Leftists’ latest effort in their never-ending war on George W. Bush and America is the release of a report on the CIA supposedly torturing Islamic terrorists—the same terrorists who attacked the U.S. in 2001, and many times before and after that. These are the same Islamic terrorists who have murdered thousands of people across the globe, have murdered and continuing murdering U.S. troops, and who saw off people’s heads for the pure glee of it.

Only those who are in full denial can now believe that there isn’t something wrong with leftists. They have undermined the U.S. at every step in the Islamic War on the West.

Leftists release classified videos of U.S. troops supposedly killing reporters and civilians and condemn them for it, completely ignoring that civilians are inevitably killed in war—and that terrorists have on more than one occasion pretended to be reporters. Yet the truth doesn’t matter because the left wants the U.S. to lose to Muslim terrorists. Investigate them for this.

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“We were lied to about WMD in Iraq!” the left has screamed for nearly a decade now. Only we weren’t. Saddam Hussein had old WMD and was maintaining the knowledge and capabilities for a WMD program. On top of this, the U.S. provided many reasons for invading Iraq, with WMD being only one of those. And by the way, the U.S. didn’t just find chemical weapons in Iraq, it found biological ones too. Yet the lie has been propagated for so long now that nearly everyone believes it, including supposedly conservative news stations and supposedly conservative publications. Investigate why this lie has been told and allowed to exist for so long.

Nearly 20% of Democrats admitted to wanting the U.S. to lose in Iraq. And yet there was no outcry about this. Instead, leftists focused national attention on  false accusations that U.S. troops tortured Iraqis, tortured bloodthirsty terrorists in sites across the globe, and, of course, tortured bloodthirsty terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Investigate why the left has worked for American defeat.

And then there are all those times leftists have warned us “not to rush to judgment” on Islamic terrorist attacks and how they always inevitably worry about “backlash” against Muslims every time a Muslim murders people. When compared with how the left is now actively encouraging riots and violence over supposed police brutality, it is abundantly clear that leftists are actively opposing law-abiding Americans and supporting enemies foreign and domestic. They think the American riots and violence against falsely accused people and outright innocent people are justified. There is no worry about backlash here—in fact, they fully support backlash as punishment against their enemies. Investigate this.

And as all the torture accusations go on from the left, there are no consequences for the traitors who ordered the CIA to engage in “torture” but now condemn them for doing so. And then there is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama continues summarily executing people through unmanned aerial vehicle strikes while no one does anything. Investigate this hypocrisy and subversion.

The U.S. intelligence professionals and armed forces who protected the same Americans who now attack them need to be defended, and those attacking them need to be attacked. The U.S. isn’t guilty of torturing anyone; it is guilty of allowing subversives in its midst to go unpunished. National leaders should spend the next ten or more years conducting non-stop investigations of leftists and providing justice for those of us who have suffered from their false torture accusations, other lies, and outright subversion.

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