Today, good news and bad

Politics is corrupting by nature. It’s euphemistically called the “art of compromise,” which really means you must give up something you value in order to receive something of value in return.

If you’re unwilling to give up something of value, the other side will refuse to compromise. That results in the greatest sin possible in the eyes of most politicians: gridlock. (Yours truly loves gridlock because it means they stop doing new things to hurt you.)

If you do give up something of value, by definition you move away from your own values and closer to the other side’s values. This is how sin first was normalized by politicians, then enshrined as a “right.” Politics is also the art of creating manmade “rights” out of thin air to pander to, well, to every conceivable depravity. As we are seeing increasingly every day.

All this is inevitable only if you play the game. Sadly, to be admitted to the arena, you pretty much need to play the game.

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Enter Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the economically illiterate, philosophically corrupted latest Democratic Party darling.

Yours truly usually doesn’t pay much attention to internal Democratic Party politics. For all the obvious reasons.

But a recent column puts some perspective on the far-out AOC, as she is known. The good news is this assessment says the Democrat establishment isn’t going to cooperate with the nuttiness of the socialist woman-child, who gets so much ink and air time from the socialist-inclined media. For her attention-getting, AOC is compared to Donald Trump in terms of unorthodoxy, not in terms of political beliefs.

But unlike Trump, AOC needs her party much more than her party needs her, and she’s about to learn the pecking order from Nancy Pelosi.

This excerpt from a column by an attorney writing at The Federalist puts Pelosi’s iron-fist control in a nutshell:

“Ocasio-Cortez is very much locked in the House with Nancy Pelosi, who was already queen of the cell bloc when Ocasio-Cortez was dancing around Boston University. Anyone who just watched Pelosi ruthlessly crush the internal opposition to her re-election as speaker should realize she hasn’t lost a step. Pelosi will shank someone with a shiv and then use it to clean her nails.

“Ocasio-Cortez’s imitation of Trump contributed to her losing her campaign for a seat on the Ways and Means committee. Moreover, Pelosi has gelded the special committee on climate change that Ocasio-Cortez hoped would launch her pet project, the Green New Deal.”

The “revolutionary” AOC hoped to wield clout as a freshman. Pelosi didn’t let her anywhere  near the powerful Ways and Means Committee, then stripped the new “special” committee on climate change of any power to do anything.

It ain’t easy to overturn the controlling powers in D.C.’s swamp. Left or right. Ask Trump.

To see how the powers that be – left or right – neutralize mavericks in their midst, look no further than Republican Ron Paul and his son Rand. Marginalized to near insignificance.

So, the good news is that the latest, most Marx-like wonder child of the far Left isn’t going to wield much power, at least until she learns to sacrifice some of her least palatable ideals. Here’s a prediction: as soon as she abandons any of her socialist goals in the spirit of compromise, her base of supporters will excoriate her.

It’s instructive that AOC won’t be rejected by her party for being an ignoramus, which she proves she is daily by exhibiting a lack of basic knowledge of how things work. She will be rejected by the leftists for demanding they cross a bridge too far to the left.

Now the bad news.

This means business as usual (for now) for the Democratic Party, which is the party of death (abortion) and the party of evil (full embrace of degenerate sin as a “right”) and the party of lawlessness (codifying the theft of peoples’ money to give to other people) and the party of corruption (open borders to guarantee millions of new Democratic Party voters heavily dependent on your tax money to subsist and a government big and abusive enough to deliver).

As bad as the bad news is, it could be worse.

What if AOC indeed is the wave of the future for the Democratic Party? If so, it would mean empowering people willing to jettison even the corrupt “art of compromise” and replace it with authoritarian diktats through which you would be forced to give up something you value in return for nothing. Think the USSR, Cuba, North Korea.

Perversely, this is reason to root for Pelosi. Sigh. It’s a fallen world.

Oh yeah, it could be even worse than that.

What if the Republican Party, which has shown an abundantly suicidal inclination to compromise away its supposed “values,” fails to take advantage of the mess on the Left and doesn’t connect AOC’s sins to the opposition party in the minds of voters? But that’s another problem.



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