Time.com Declares Trump the Winner of Last Night’s Dems Debate

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The Time.com headline reads: Donald Trump Won Twitter During the Democratic Debate. In their world of social media what this really means is that Donald Trump won the debate.

No doubt the debate was a yawner. And as was predicted, the debate was a ratings tanker for the Democrats generally. But mostly it was confirmation that Hillary is weak and will ultimately prove to be a gift to the Republican nominee – Donald Trump.

CNN had already lowered expectations considerably two days prior to the debate, and the Dems did not disappoint. With only five candidates, just two of whom are registering above single digits in the polls, the Dems could not come close to competing with the Republican ratings bonanza back in August and September.

A ratings “success” is completely out of the picture for CNN, considering that 23 million viewers watched the second GOP debate on the cable news network compared to the 24 million viewers from the first GOP debate hosted by Fox News.

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“Viewership for the first two GOP debates was an anomaly in a highly unusual Republican nomination cycle. While I won’t predict ratings for this debate, we expect the audience to be significantly smaller,” said CNN Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist.

The 2008 cycle saw relatively higher numbers for the Democratic debates, drawn by the head-to-head match-up of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom had a chance to make history as either the first female or African-American president. The most watched Democratic debates of the 2008 cycle came late in the season. On Jan. 31, 2008, the Democratic debate hosted by CNN, brought in 8.3 million viewers. The second-most watched debate of the 2008 cycle was hosted by MSNBC on Feb. 26, and brought in 7.77 million viewers.


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Tristan Emmanuel
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