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It’s often amusing to listen to Democrats discuss matters of faith in public. Perhaps this is because they are so woefully uninformed and totally uncommitted.

Enter Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. describes Kaine as a “centrist Democrat” but those of us who are familiar with him know better. Senator Kaine is not a Virginia native. In fact, he was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and came to Virginia in the early 1990s. He ran for, and was elected mayor of Richmond in 1998. Next, he ran for Lieutenant Governor alongside Gubernatorial candidate Mark Warner and both were elected in 2001.

During Mark Warner’s term as Governor, Kaine dutifully fulfilled the role of attack-dog for the governor, accusing the Republican-controlled General Assembly of “neglecting their constitutional responsibility to fund public education” in an effort to affect an unaffordable statewide pay raise for all Virginia teachers and administrators. Kaine likely planned to settle his quid pro quo with the NEA and the VEA (Virginia Education Association) for their help in getting the twin Democrats elected. Kaine then ran for Governor, following Mark Warner in 2005.

In his speech at the Democrat National Convention on Wednesday evening, Kaine stated that “faith and family” are very important to him. Honest people would have to question when abortion and the advancement of sexual perversion became “faith” and “family values.”

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Kaine certainly makes much of the fact that he’s a Catholic. He enjoys marketing his 9-month mission trip to Honduras. Kaine may be a member of the Catholic Church, but like the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy and The Godfather’s Michael Corleone, he’s not a Christian by any known metric. Kaine was blasted for attempting to illegally divert state funds to support the liberal anti-Second Amendment demonstration known as the Million-Mom March. While he claimed to support Second Amendment rights during his Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate campaigns, his votes in the Senate have not been consistent with his pre-election promises. No surprise there.

As a reliable defender of Planned Parenthood, Senator Kaine betrays the Catholic Church and scripture on many levels. Throughout his political career, Kaine has been extremist in his craven support of far-left-wing liberal policies that protect the right to kill pre-born infants. He fully supports every radical LGBTQ initiative, in defiance of his professions of faith. Senator Kaine praised the U.S. Army for making special concessions for a solitary Sikh, while promoting the Obama administration’s anti-Christian policies and executive orders that impose radical liberal mandates upon the armed forces.

Kaine’s term as Virginia Governor was rather dismal and uneventful. The Republican-controlled General Assembly prevented him from enacting “universal pre-K” statewide, but did not stop him from floating a pilot program. His advocacy for state-funded daycare has no doubt endeared the senator to Hillary Clinton, who has also championed this wasteful and devious plan to interject government between parents and children. For the duration of Kaine’s term as governor, state employee salaries were frozen, as was hiring. Unemployment rates doubled during Kaine’s tenure, from 3.5% when he took office, rising to over 7.3% in his last days.

The Virginia Tech massacre occurred on Kaine’s watch, where on April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 students and faculty and wounded 17 others. Virginia Tech. Campus and Virginia State Police were helpless to end the killing once it began because Cho had chained the steel doors of the building closed from the inside. While Cho paused from shooting in order to reload, students cowered in a corner waiting to die. Firearms are prohibited on the Virginia Tech. campus to this day, even though one armed student might have been able to save dozens of lives that day.

As governor, Kaine formed a panel to study what legal changes could be made to prevent a similar deadly rampage. Mental health background checks were added to the legal requirements for the purchase of firearms in Virginia as a result, without resistance from Republicans or the N.R.A.

Like all liberal Democrat politicians, Tim Kaine lives in an alternate reality from most of us. Kaine and his leftist colleagues promote and advance gross immorality, division, strife and greed, and claim a moral imperative for doing so. He has learned well how to distort the truth in order to call good, evil and evil, good. His Bible says, Woe to such a man, but one wonders if he’s read his Bible enough to have stumbled upon it.

Senator Kaine has a tell. It’s his left eyebrow. When he lies, it lifts half an inch. Watch for this during his campaign speeches and in the vice-presidential debates. It will surely be very active and is rather comical.

Senator Tim Kaine is a dangerous and reckless left-wing liberal who seems to believe that only government can properly direct the lives of American citizens. His partnership with Mrs. Clinton portends further erosion of cultural and family values, higher federal debt and increased violence and turmoil at home and abroad.

If Tim Kaine is anyone’s idea of a “centrist Democrat,” slap that person and wake her up. Perhaps she stunned herself bashing her head on that imaginary glass ceiling.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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