American Soldiers Ordered to Ignore Child Rape

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Recent news is very disturbing with respect to military individuals being forced not to intervene when they see those individuals in Afghanistan and the Middle East sexually molesting young boys. This is just obviously immoral, shocking to the conscience, but it is part of this whole so-called transformation of the military under the Obama administration.

Mat Staver: Matt, you recently, for, wrote an article entitled “Obama Administration Enables Boy Play.”

Matt Barber: The New York Times “in a strange fit of actual news reporting published an exposé revealing that under this Obama administration, the Department of Defense is not only permitting the homosexual abuse of little boys at the hands of Muslim allies in Afghanistan, but is effectively facilitating it.”

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What I mean by that is they’re allowing it to happen on military bases, U.S. military bases, where these allies are, and in fact when our military personnel witness this or catch these Afghani warlords and allies sexually molesting little boys their officers have been instructed to instruct them to turn the other way. To let it go because hey, we embrace multiculturalism.

And so it’s not surprising to me one iota when you have this president who homosexualized the military by repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and has imposed this “values neutral” kind of view of human sexuality, which all stems from Alfred Kinsey…

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