3 Things Will Bring America Back – Passion, Priorities and Focus

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It is no mystery that American history is full of ‘first times’ ‘courage’ and ‘passion.’ We so wanted and treasured our freedom that our founders made their wealth, reputation, safety and even lives submit to their passion for freedom. It cost big and they gave big.

No attitude reflecting ‘common sense’ ‘scientific study’ ‘tyranny or control’ ever could form a country like America and last for 10 seconds. Passion and courage built America up layer upon layer and achievement upon achievement. Our passion was formed and protected by our belief and submission to the God of the Holy Bible. He not only protected and blessed us but also has used us in unprecedented ways to protect the heart of freedom throughout the world when tyrants have risen up.

The mid term election was a God inspired victory full of conservative and old fashion passion. Our passion won against, voter fraud – against bigger budgets – against a sea of ruthless attack ads and the lies of Obama. It also won against the discouragement that had riddled us with holes for the last 6 years. Americans have just been reminded what a bunch of tattered, bleeding and wounded soldiers can do when they lean on each other and rise out of the trenches and fight against all odds. Welcome back Americans.

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Passion must reflect American priorities to win

Americans have won in 2014 and we must win again in 2016. We cannot do that if we don’t pick our battles and priorities wisely. They are all around us – things that need investigated, fixed, undone, repealed and defunded. Our reputation has been shredded by Obama and that must be dealt with as well.

Conservatives must humbly seek the wisdom of God and reflect the people’s wants and needs this time. Top priorities to attend to: Repeal and destroy the very damaging Obamacare; Stop the invasion of illegal aliens, crimes and diseases at our borders – Amnesty must be defunded if Obama pulls his threatened executive order; Create real tax reform giving families and businesses desperately needed relief; build back our military where it should be – not where Obama has drug it to.

We must see leadership be able to identify real evil and stand against it here and abroad. No more kiss up to the UN, New world order agenda with the greens movement and sustainability. We want no more kiss up, funding or hanging out with radical Islam here or abroad. This will all take a HOUSE and SENATE operating on American passion peppered with real priorities.

Passion and real priorities will bring us to the finish line if we have focus

Americans are famous for talking big, entertaining with flair, starting a race looking like John Wayne then getting distracted and finishing like Pee Wee Herman. We must keep focus on our ‘America saving’ priorities, fueled by our passion. We cannot undo the endless Obama damage, and build back to being a light on a hill again by starting big then forgetting – by starting and stopping – by compromising with the enemy anymore. Focus – Focus – Focus.

Our distractions, miss-directions and rebellion against God have made our country vulnerable. The ‘Obama rule’ practically turned us into Obama’s Frankenstein…full of progressive, new world order and Muslim body parts. Obama has ripped off most of our limbs and has been staring with eager anticipation at the heart monitor waiting for us to flat line. Instead, this last election we ripped out the IVs, ripped off our restraints and finally got our heart moving. Obama stared in horror as Americans ran down the hall, running past Obamacare security guards and Zombie-progressive nurses…demanding our return.

Not this time Obama. Americans have regained their God inspired passion and have found their priorities. We have our scopes focused this time and yes we are focused on our survival.

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Dr. Laurie Roth
Dr. Laurie Roth hosts a popular and growing national radio talk show called The Roth Show. It airs from 7-10pm PAC Mon-Friday www.therothshow.com. She is known as ‘The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves’ a name given her by her listeners and is also a regularly published commentator and speaker at conservative conferences. In 2010 Laurie was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award by CPAC for breaking a national story on Obama and his many connections with William Ayers.

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