Three Options in the Bathroom Bill Brouhaha

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The term brouhaha ends with “ha ha” but this isn’t funny. The word was an exclamation used by characters representing the devil in 16th century dramas. Many believe what’s happening in the escalating national debate over bathroom bills has definite demonic overtones.

Be honest, can you believe we’re actually having to deal with this?

Isn’t it plain common sense and common decency that our grandmothers, mothers, daughters and granddaughters should be safe and secure knowing a man does not have access to their restrooms, showers and locker rooms, yes, even if the fella’ feels he’s now a woman?

Are we watching an episode of the Twilight Zone as 150 parents and students are having to sue to stop a he/she transgender, in a district of 12,000, who’s demanding open access to girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms? The ACLU-represented student said not being able to do this “crushed” and “stigmatized me, often making me feel like I was not a normal person.”  His attorney says it is “discrimination” if they will not comply and a “violation of federal law.”

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Have we gotten so far off track that now even the Justice Department is threatening the Governor of North Carolina not to enforce bathroom bill protections calling it a “violation of civil rights laws?” An ultimatum was given to comply by Monday or face forced compliance through denial of federal funds.

We certainly have departed dramatically away from God and His ways. We are experiencing the Romans 1:18–32 downward spiral where a nation rejects truth then loses discernment and moral chaos results.

Have we fallen so far off the cliff that a person’s identity is no longer rooted in reality and biology but feelings and self-perception? Should the Grammy awards show grant me a place if I self-identify as Bono? Will Target grant my young daughter a senior discount if she self-identifies as a 75-year-old? Am I really a 6 foot 8 inch tall Communist, Native American, female wrestler if that is who I perceive myself to be?
This is the insane logic to which multitudes are succumbing today.

“Bizarreness masquerading as creativity” is the way Edward Gibbon described it in the classic, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” God puts it this way, “Claiming to be wise, they became fools” (Rom.1:22).

     Three Options – Which Will You Choose?

Here’s the deal: 0.3 percent of the population call themselves “transgender” and some demand full access to bathrooms, locker rooms and showers of their choosing. We can be bullied, be neutral or be bold.

Lincoln said, “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right…”  With this charitable attitude, let’s ponder our three paths. I’m not trying to be offensive, insensitive or crude in some of what follows, only painting an accurate picture of reality.

Keep in mind that most of the elite pop stars, politicians and media personalities heralding  their support for open bathrooms, showers and changing rooms for the most part don’t have to face these situations, nor will their closely-protected children. Living in gated communities, surrounded by their security guards plus enjoying privileged parking, dining and high-end country club amenities, it’s easy for them to dispense their wisdom on how we “less fortunate” should conduct our lives. They and their families are the protected class and are basically shielded from exposure to illegal immigration, violence, drugs, child molesters, voyeurs, exhibitionists and sexual predators.

1. Surrender Sheepishly

President Obama’s Justice Department, the NBA, NFL, Disney, PayPal, American Airlines, hundreds of businesses including Kellogg, Northrup, Grumman and Hyatt are being mobilized by aggressive LGBT activists to sign letters and do whatever is necessary to coerce anyone in disagreement with “transgender liberation” to capitulate or suffer consequences. The path of least resistance is certainly the easiest route to go and sadly scores bow down. I know from personal experience the price paid for noncompliance in culturally debated issues.

2. Stamp Out Distinctions

Proposals are underway to solve the issue by moving towards gender-neutral restrooms. In other words, eliminate gender-specific restrooms as some “progressive” European localities have done. New York’s Cooper Union College recently removed all men/women signage to demonstrate their diversity and inclusiveness. On Monday, May 2, USA TODAY ran on page 2 an article entitled, “Gender-neutral restrooms could be the answer.”

  • Ladies, want guys peering at you through the spaces in the stall dividers or watching you exit the stall?
  • Feel awkward as guy adjusts himself?
  • Comfortable with smells and sounds in mixed company?
  • Ready for men’s coarse talk, crude behavior and oogling?
  • Child fearful as man drops drawers to tuck in  shirt?
  • Relish sitting 36 inches away from man in next stall?
  • Predators drawn to this setting?
  • We need to get out of the theoretical and into the practical here.

3. Stand Up for Righteousness

Jude, half-brother of Jesus, instructs us “to contend for the faith…” (Jude 3). Like a heavyweight contender, our call is to stand boldly in this hour of deception and moral decline, winsomely declaring truth.

The reason the Bullseye Challenge was launched weeks ago was to “make you a confident communicator and change agent” (Dr. Michael Brown) on issues like transgenderism and 29 other hot button issues of today!  Investing 15 minutes daily for 30 days will equip you to speak boldly and rescue people from deception. Get Bullseye today!

Scripture tells us that “our less respectable parts are treated with much more respect” (1Cor. 12:23) and that women are to “clothe themselves in modest clothing, with decency…” (1Tim.2:9). Open bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms militate against this. We cannot remain silent; as salt and light Christians we must speak up!

Last week I went into our local Target store, charitably but convincingly telling the manager and three associates of my position on their bathroom policy and departure from shopping there until they changed their policy.

Days ago I went into the Aerie teen clothing store and lovingly challenged their 6 foot tall window poster of a topless teen going swimming. I followed it up with a call to their corporate headquarters expressing my complaint in a confident yet charitable way.

Recently I attended a press conference where the media gathered around a young transgender propagandizing on bathroom bills. As he misled them saying there were no instances of predators capitalizing on access to bathrooms, I spoke up with the truth and was filmed because I was perfectly positioned behind him!

Isn’t it time for Christians to resign from the Secret Service and become bold ambassadors of righteousness?

Not long ago, Abercrombie and Fitch ousted their CEO and stopped publishing their risqué catalog. In 2013 their sales plummeted 11% and they closed 220 mall stores. Sales declined 5 of 7 years! What happened?
I personally appealed to the store management to clean up their act countless times over several years in the face of continual rebuffs.

Like the current standing up and speaking out against Target over their immoral and irresponsible bathroom policy, concerned citizens spoke up against A&F and they eventually got the message loud and clear.

Let’s pray fervently, speak boldly and act decisively for righteousness in America today. As Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

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