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Steve Moore: TOPIC: Trump’s economy

Steve Moore, the noted economist, wrote recently in the Washington Times  “Mr. Trump’s tax cut is only 9 months old, so it is too early to say it is paying for itself. But already well over half the projected cost has evaporated because of higher growth. If we stay on this 3 percent to 4 percent path for another couple of years, the flood of added revenues will mean smaller deficits and much smaller debt levels relative to GDP.” The Trump economy, he adds, is doing better than expected. Steve Moore, an economist with FreedomWorks and with the Heritage Foundation, has written a new book, Trumponomics. Steve Moore joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the president’s economy and answers to Trump’s critics.

Bishop E. W. Jackson: TOPIC: Media bias and the mid-terms

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Bishop E. W. Jackson is a lawyer and former political candidate. He is very concerned about the coming mid-term elections, in light of the media’s left-ward bias. He notes: “When the media is so biased, it is difficult for voters to get accurate information about any conservative candidate or issue from the mainstream news. We need a way to push back against fake news – a way for people across the country to take a stand….When the media uses anonymous sources – which may not even exist – to hurl charges against the President and his administration, it is a glaring example of media bias.” Jackson is the founder of STAND, Staying True to America’s National Destiny. Bishop E. W. Jackson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the Stand for Truth Project.

Michael Caputo: TOPIC: Attacks on Kavanaugh’s character

Some view the attempt to assassinate the character of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominee to the Supreme Court, as a low point in our country. Ironically, Matt Damon portrayed Kavanaugh on SNL in satire, and yet just a year ago, the liberal actor said how he would fight tooth and nail against any false sexual accusation: “It would be scorched earth!…You’re not taking my name and reputation from me, I’ve worked too hard for it and I earned it and you can’t just blow me up like that.” Meanwhile, former Trump Campaign Advisor, Michael Caputo says “Kavanaugh is the dress rehearsal for impeachment.” President Trump questioned some of Kavanaugh-accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility, and for that he is being criticized by many. Michael Caputo joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the Kavanaugh story and what’s at stake. @MichaelRCaputo 

Gregory Wrightstone: TOPIC: Man-made climate change alarmism

Gregory Wrightstone is a scientist in the field of geology with more than “35 years of experience researching and studying various aspects of the earth’s processes.” He is troubled by the claims of what have been called the man-made climate change alarmists. Wrightstone wrote a book filled with facts and pictures and graphs, called Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know. He writes, for example, “The planet is improving, not in spite of increasing CO2 and rising temperature, but because of it.” Part of the goal of the book is to arm the layman with facts of science so they can counter “the threatened Thermageddon.”

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