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❖ Phelim McAleer: Abortion, Gosnell movie

In 2013, an independent film producer from Ireland was in Pennsylvania because of a documentary he and his wife were making related to fracking. He had a little time to kill, and he noticed in the newspaper that there was a trial going on of an abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell. The producer dropped into the courtroom to hear a little of the trial, and he was astounded at the defendant calmly sitting there, while the prosecution was showing grisly images to the jury of the horrible things that had taken place in the abortion clinic—horrors that even pro-abortion rights advocates would not countenance. Meanwhile, the press was absent. The producer, Phelim McAleer, share this with his wife upon his return to Los Angeles. She reminded him that they don’t do films related to abortion. He said this was a much bigger story than just abortion. Thus was born the Gosnell film, an incredible true-crime courtroom drama that is currently in the theaters. Phelim McAleer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the movie, Gosnell and some of the obstacles they had to overcome to get the story onto the big screen.

❖ David Limbaugh: Jesus, His Resurrection

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The cornerstone of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul notes that if Jesus did not actually rise from the dead, the faith is bogus and meaningless. Noted columnist, attorney, and NYT bestselling author David Limbaugh has written a new book on the resurrection of Christ—Jesus Is Risen. Regnery Publishers says of the book: “Originally confined to a small circle of believers centered in Jerusalem, Christianity’s stunning transformation into the world’s most popular faith is one of history’s greatest, most miraculous stories.” David Limbaugh joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the historical resurrection of Christ from the dead.

❖ Jarrett Stepman: Americans Ignorant of American History

A recent study found that only 1 in 3 Americans can pass the very basic U.S. Citizenship test. That means they “don’t much about history.” Jarrett Stepman, editor and writer for of the Heritage Foundation wrote a piece about this, entitled, “Americans Have Almost Entirely Forgotten Their History.” He notes that of those age 45 and under who took the test, only 19% passed. That’s not good. He cites a few examples: 72% could not identify the original 13 colonies. “Only 24% could correctly identify one thing Benjamin Franklin was famous for.” 12% thought that Dwight Eisenhower was a military leader in the Civil War! Jarrett Stepman joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the results of this study and why history matters.

❖ Dr. Peter Lillback

Dr. Peter Lillback is the president of Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). He is also the founder and president of Providence Forum, which is dedicated to helping Americans appreciate our history and in particular the critical role faith played in our founding. Dr. Lillback and Jerry Newcombe wrote a book together on the faith of our first president, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. This book became a national bestseller. The two authors put together 26 podcasts on the faith of George Washington from virtually every angle. Now begins a new series of podcasts with Dr. Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe on the faith of our founding fathers. The first in the new series deals with the Bible and the founders, in particular what is known as the Aitken Bible (named after Robert Aitken of Philadelphia).

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Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., is an on-air host/senior producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries. He has written/co-written 28 books, e.g., The Unstoppable Jesus Christ, Doubting Thomas (w/ Mark Beliles, on Jefferson), and What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (w/ D. James Kennedy) & the bestseller, George Washington's Sacred Fire (w/ Peter Lillback).
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