If You Think Trump Is the End of America, There Is Something Wrong with You

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Ted Cruz has dropped his bid for the 2016 presidential election and many people, particularly conservatives, have lost their minds. They are proclaiming that Donald Trump being the presumptive Republican nominee is the end of America. But if you think Trump is the end of America, there is something wrong with you.  After all, America ended a long time ago.

Many conservatives, even professing Christians, praised Obama for being The First Black President. It didn’t matter that his record and policies have always been evil. His legacy (even before running for the U.S. Senate) is one of supporting communism, the slaughtering of children, terrorists, sodomy, and other great evil.

And yet conservatives bowed to the god of black skin and celebrated him anyway. They had little desire to oppose his first presidential candidacy and all but paved the way for his reelection, too feckless to do whatever it took to defeat him.

If you didn’t realize his first election was a sign of the end of America, that’s bad enough. But if you still didn’t get that upon his reelection, that’s even worse.

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So if you’re one of these people only now saying, “We’re done for,” because of Trump’s nomination my reply to you is, “What are you talking about? Where have you been?”

The conservative response to Trump’s apparent GOP nomination is just the latest event that highlights how conservative leaders have no self-awareness or ability to reflect. Instead of the fits of rage you are now seeing from conservative leaders, you should be seeing ashamed and apologetic people. Conservative leaders should be vowing to fade into oblivion because of their cowardice and choice to surrender to evil long ago. Yet they have no desire for doing this—they aren’t even aware that they should be ashamed or that their massive failures created the rise of Trump.

Not only have conservatives refused to fight back for the past 20 years (or longer), but they have prevented anyone else from doing so. Conservatives have told me on multiple occasions to “tone it down.” They have even chased me (subtly) from some of the websites I’ve previously written at because I didn’t “tone it down,” and because I address the “social issues” that they won’t.

So conservative leaders should be resigning by the truckloads and begging for forgiveness for their surrender. But such a thought doesn’t even cross their minds. Instead they are diving even deeper into insanity and denial.

This failure to reflect and their general lack of self-awareness about how they’ve allowed the destruction of the country long before Trump came along is perhaps best demonstrated by those who’ve decided to throw in the with the official #NeverTrump movement. If you’ve officially aligned with that, you might want to rethink that decision. Here’s why.

The Hill has a list of Republicans and conservatives pledging their fealty to #NeverTrump. They supposedly are doing this because of “principle” and “values.” They are the face of True Conservatives.

Yet look at that list. There are some big name conservatives—including social issues conservatives—you’ll recognize. But there are other important names you might not recognize. Just a quick skim of that list reveals four names that show the problem with the official #NeverTrump movement and with True Conservatism: Bruce Carroll (Gay Patriot), Paul Singer, Ken Mehlman, and Rick Wilson.

Three of those names are sodomites or sodomite activists. Are you aware that sexual deviancy is True Conservatism and something with which so-called social issue conservatives have united? Singer and Mehlman are noteworthy because they ensured that the U.S. destroyed marriage. That’s right. The destruction of marriage in the U.S. was brought to you by the leaders of conservatism.

Bruce Carroll — the so-called “Gay Patriot” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) — is a conservative favorite, because again, sexual deviancy and conservatism are united. I revealed this months ago when I announced I would “Dump Trump” if conservatives would join me in dumping sodomites — including “Gay Patriot.” You know what the result of that announcement was? No conservatives took me up on the offer. And Carroll blocked me on Twitter.

And now the conservative movement—including “pro-family” leaders—have rallied with the “Gay Patriot” and other sodomites (and their supporters) to go forward with the official #NeverTrump movement. This is “principled” conservatism. These are the “values” of conservatism.

If you’re having a hard time comprehending that this is actually happening, here is a practical (and simple) exercise you can undertake from your keyboard. Ask your favorite “pro-family” organization—not Republican, not conservative, but “pro-family” organization — if it will publicly denounce Carroll, Singer, and Mehlman by name.

You would think any such organization would, right? After decades of conservatism and the pro-family movement saying we can’t blacklist people or alienate them, we have found out (thanks to Trump’s candidacy) that they were lying. Conservatives and the pro-family movement clearly will blacklist and alienate people when they can’t control them. The official #NeverTrump movement explicitly shows they actually are willing to denounce people by name despite their years of lies.

So ask your favorite pro-family organization if it will publicly denounce Bruce Carroll, Paul Singer, Ken Mehlman, and other sodomites or sodomite activists who now run the GOP, conservative movement, and even pro-family movement.

I can guarantee you that not one of them will do so. In fact, they’ll rally around such people and denounce you.

Sodomy isn’t just a Republican value now. It isn’t just a conservative value either. It’s now also a pro-family movement value as well.

So we’ve gone from sodomy being legally banned in parts of the U.S. in the 2000s to 2016 when even the pro-family movement sides with sodomites and their supporters. Think I want any part of that? Nope.

The fourth name I mentioned on the official #NeverTrump declaration at the Hill is Rick Wilson. He’s part of the right-wing consultancy ruling class. #NeverTrump is attracting a lot of Cruz supporters. So here is my question for you: Do you realize that a lot of people leading the #NeverTrump effort hate Cruz and you as much as they hate Trump? Wilson is one of those people.

The Washington Examiner captured what he had to say about Cruz after Cruz announced his withdrawal.

Florida-based strategist Rick Wilson, who supported Sen. Marco Rubio before his home state senator exited the 2016 race, took to Twitter shortly after Cruz announced the suspension of his campaign to express his true feelings about the Texas senator.

“On the upside, I don’t have to defend Ted F—-ing Cruz any longer,” Wilson tweeted.

And it’s that type of lying and deception by the GOP, conservatives, and the pro-family movement in general that finally had me cut ties with all them long ago. I became fed up with aligning with people who hate me and only want my support so they can stab me in the back and increase their wealth. No longer will I be the manipulated. Instead I will be the manipulator, and none of these people have my loyalty or even support any longer. What about you?

But perhaps worst of all, if you’re officially aligning with the #NeverTrump movement out of principle and because of your values, you’re saying that your principles and values include sodomy and other deviancy. I understand that Trump has such problems as well (more on that in a bit). But the point is, if you’re opposing Trump on principles and values, why are you aligning with people who have exactly the same principles and values as Trump does?

The fact that the conservative and pro-family movements now have such principles and values is another glaring sign that should have tipped you off that America died a long time ago.

If you still aren’t convinced that there are huge problems with conservative and pro-family leadership—if you aren’t yet convinced that the two movements have long been subverted by enemy forces—and you still think that Trump is only now signaling the end of America, consider the following.

Now that Trump is the likely GOP nominee there are a significant number of conservatives who have publicly vowed to support Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter how much you hate Trump, there is no way you could possibly hold anything close to the values I hold (and that conservatives ostensibly hold) while simultaneously saying you are going to support the monster Hillary Clinton. You have to be a Marxist and radical anti-Christian activist to even consider supporting her. And yet that’s what a large number of conservatives are saying they will do.

So if these are the people who have been leading the conservative and pro-family movements for decades (taking your money to “fight” progressives when they actually are in cahoots with them), it should now be very clear to you that the conservative movement is actually run by radical leftists who have always hated you.

And if you hate Trump because of his leftist leanings, why in the world would you want to associate with these Marxists who have deceived you for decades? And why haven’t you been aware that the U.S. went off the rails years ago?

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