They’re All Quite Mad, You Know

When I was a student in Boston in the 1960s, if you saw some poor schmuck wandering the streets muttering to himself, you’d shake your head and say: “Well, there goes another de-institutionalized mental patient.”

Today, you shake your head and say: “Well, there goes another Democrat on his/her way to Congress/the state legislature/the newsroom.” They’re all quite mad, you know.

Theirs is the party of the delusional — the party where ideology trumps reality every time, the party which belongs in a padded cell.


1- It celebrates Congresswoman Olive Oyl, a 29-year old who’s accomplished zilch in her short life (but can babble fluently on any subject), and dumps on a billionaire who rose out of poverty to create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

2- It says it’s for “border security,” but opposes a wall, which it calls impractical and unnecessary – ignoring the 77 border walls and fences around the world, 60 built since 9/11, which work pretty damn well.

3- It refuses to acknowledge the existence of The National Debt, crimes thwarted with handguns, and three more “migrant” caravans headed our way.

4- At least two Democrat governors have said that if a woman delivers, and the newborn is lying on the operating table, whether it’s allowed to live depends on the mother and her abortionist.

5- They’re in favor of “choice” when it comes to abortion (the taking of innocent life), but not when it comes to owning a gun (the defense of innocent life).

6- It’s the party that thinks DNA is an urban legend and believes people (children as well as adults) can choose their gender — and biology be damned.

7- For them, crime is all about guns, guns and nothing but guns, so help them David Hogg – even though the states with the toughest gun laws tend to have the highest crime rates. Drugs they want to legalize; firearms they want to outlaw.

8-Increasingly, Democrats embrace socialism, a system that’s failed repeatedly, wherever it’s been tried, and delivered poverty to millions, over the past century. When questioned about this, they’ll tell you that it didn’t work in the past because it wasn’t done right. Maybe fascism would have succeeded if they didn’t keep making mistakes with it – like genocide.

9- White racism is the greatest evil to afflict humanity — and no other type of racism exists. The Nation of Islam. Black Lives Matter and black on white crime? How dare you – you White Nationalist!

10- They believe the Supreme Court never makes a mistake – unless a majority actually applies the Constitution to the case at hand.

11- The media is fair and balanced, except for FOX News.

12- Donald Trump is a threat to the First Amendment. Speech codes, hate crime laws, and campus goon squads attacking opposition speakers are practicing “repressive tolerance,” a la New Let icon Herbert Marcuse.

13- Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East – is the principle obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

14- Trump is a tool of the Russians, who, in 2016, were desperate for a president who would increase defense spending, revive the U.S. economy and make America energy independent.

15- Man-made global warming is established science – Minnesota notwithstanding. Who are you going to believe, them or your lying thermometer?

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We lock up relatively harmless loons who hear voices or think they’re the victor of Austerlitz. Not only are Democrats allowed to walk among us, in many cases they legislate for us.


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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,
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