‘There’s actually good evidence’: Former Atheist Makes ‘Case for Miracles’

He first made a ‘Case for Christ’; now atheist-turned Christian Lee Strobel is making a ‘Case for Miracles.’

The New York Times bestselling author and former award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune now investigates the supernatural in his new bookThe Case for Miracles.

“Trained in journalism, and I have a law degree, I tend to be a skeptic,” Strobel told CBN News. “And so I said, ‘Ok, I believe in the miracle of the Resurrection; I believe in the miracle of Creation; I believe Jesus did miracles ’cause they’re well-documented, but does God still do miracles today? Really, does he really?'”

“And that’s what launched me on this investigation that resulted in The Case for Miracles,” he continued.

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In his investigation of the supernatural, Strobel said he uncovered material to support his case for the miraculous.

“There’s actually good evidence, good documented, scientific evidence as well as medical evidence that points toward the reality that God is still in the miracle business today,” he said.

Strobel shared with CBN News one story in his book about a man who was declared dead whose blood was pooling, causing his hands and feet to turn black.

“The doctor walks out of the room and hears a voice of God, saying, ‘Try one more time,'” Strobel elaborated. “‘This is ridiculous.’ ‘Try one more time.’ He goes back in, prays, revives him; no brain damage despite the fact he hadn’t been breathing for over 45 minutes.”

“So, yeah, I think that is a Divine intervention,” he continued.

Strobel said “outside validation” supports a miracle has taken place. He elaborated by listing criteria backing up miracles.

“There’s something on the outside that plays a role in the miracle – that tends to give it credibility to me,” he said. “When we have credible eyewitnesses, when we have good medical documentation; we have witnesses who have no reason to deceive or lie.”

“There’s a spiritual context, a prayer, and then something absolutely extraordinary takes place as I document in the book, I think we can reasonably conclude God’s doing a miracle,” he explained.


Report via CBN News

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