There Seems to Be No Justice in Alabama

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There seems to be no justice in Alabama– justice has fled Montgomery. We’re going to be talking about the Court of the Judiciary and the different types of treatment for one judge, who’s suspended for only six months, versus the treatment given to the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore.

Mat Staver: As you know, the Court of the Judiciary, an appointed body of nine people, suspended (frankly removed) the Chief Justice even though they didn’t have the nine votes to do so, suspended him for the rest of his term — which is 2 ½ years, from now until January 2019. So 2016 has to conclude, 2017, 2018, and then we get into 2019. That’s the end of his term.

Suspended him without pay, no insurance benefits. Gave the “death penalty” if you will, to a chief justice who issued a four page administrative order that really, frankly, is a status report of the status of the pending case before the Alabama Supreme Court.

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And we’re going to be talking about another judge who was also appearing before the same panel of nine people and the kind of treatment he got…

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