The War On Christmas Is A War On America

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The cover of the December 1970 issue of the National Lampoon showed a Chinese fighter pilot shooting down Santa’s sleigh. As St. Nick tumbles from the sky, the pilot growls: “Eat Death, bloated lackey of the capitalist toy mongers!”

In 1970, the war on Christmas was just a gleam in the eye of an ACLU lawyer. Today, it’s everywhere. ‘Tis the season to pretend there’s no reason for the season – that Ramadan, Kwanza and Diwali are just as important to the American people as mistletoe and holly.

The Wittensville, Kentucky school district announced that, based on a single complaint, it decided to purge religious references from the play “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” which elementary school children there have been performing for decades. (“A Charlie Brown Winter Celebration”?) The city manager of Orange, Texas ordered the removal of a nativity scene which had been a holiday fixture for 30 years, because atheists demanded their own display.

Starbucks’ seasonal beverage holder has a new look. Instead of traditional motifs like snowflakes and snowmen (dangerous encroachments on the Establishment Clause), now there’s a plain red cup with the Starbucks logo (which I’ve always found offensive to mermaids and not inclusive of other mythical creatures).

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At this time of the year, everyone expects the Secular Inquisition. The new principal of PS 169 in Brooklyn, Eujin Jaela Kim, tried to censor everything that could possibly suggest the yuletide – including Santas, trees, holiday-themed parties, stars and angels.

After The New York Post exposed Kim’s obsessive/compulsive political correctness, she recanted. But, in her defense, educrats noted that 95% of the kids at PS 169 are Hispanic or Asian. Administrators want these children to go through the public schools without ever suspecting that they live in a place called the United States of America. At PS 169, Thanksgiving is the “Harvest Celebration,” and Christmas the “Winter Celebration.” If school were in session then, presumably, the 4th of July would be the Holiday of Pyrotechnic Displays.

We go through this every year. The left tells us that the War on Christmas is a myth – the product of the fevered imaginations of Christian zealots, while it strafes nativity scenes, dive bombs municipal Christmas trees and bombards school concerts where carols are sung. Christmas/Hanukah parties have been transformed into generic celebrations. It’s reached the point where there’s a resolution pending in the House of Representatives expressing the “sense” of the body that Christmas needs protection.

This seasonal derangement is usually explained as an assault on Christianity. It’s also part of the War on America.

The left is intent on purging from the public square all symbols of our national identity, not just Christmas. The English language, Pilgrims and the flag are also under fire – along with the Founding Fathers and gun ownership. Ms Kim also banished the Pledge of Allegiance.

Starbucks is an avid supporter of “sexual equality.” In 2013, it added coverage of “gender reassignment surgery” to its health benefits. In June of 2014, the so-called Pride flag flew over its corporate headquarters. Can a rainbow cup for Pride month be far away? The espresso, caramel macchiato-mongers have opened a front against the family too.

Not the ACLU or the American Humanist Society, but the Democratic Party is GHQ of the War on Religion and America. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, a majority of delegates wanted to take a casual reference to God out of the Party’s platform, a move overruled by the president who was running for reelection. In speeches over the past five years, Obama has regularly misquoted the Declaration of Independence, by deleting the reference to unalienable rights endowed by the Creator. The White House always explains that the president misspoke while ad-libbing. He also misspoke when he edited The Gettysburg Address, deleting “this nation under God.”

The only religion Bowe Bergdahl’s BFF thinks of fondly is Islam. For the man who spent his formative years in Indonesia, Christianity calls to mind the Crusades and Inquisition, and let us forthwith dismount our high horses when discussing the religion of peace and terrorism. His pronouncements on Islam are embarrassing. They sound like the high school nerd writing mash notes to the head cheerleader. (“Oh Islam, I’ve always loved you. Islam, I want you to have my babies.”)

In keeping with his penchant for rewriting history, Obama claims: “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country,” and “Islam has always been part of the American story” – as it has, from the Barbary pirates to 9/11 and ISIS.

While the educational establishment is on a search-and-destroy mission for signs of peace on earth and good will toward men, a Virginia school decided to teach writing skills by having students copy out the Islamic declaration of faith (“There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger”). As part of their social studies curriculum, 7th graders in Byron, California were told to pretend to be Muslims, by reciting Muslim prayers, adopting Muslim names and simulating the Ramadan fast.( “A Charlie Brown Hajj”?)

In the left’s indoctrination factories, Christmas and patriotism are out, Islam is in. In 2010, administrators at the Live Oak High School in Morgan Hills, California sent five students home for wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo, which they called “incendiary.” The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld both the Muslim brainwashing and the ban on U.S. flag t-shirts.

For the left, it makes perfect sense. America was founded by Christians inspired by the Jewish bible. International Islam is trying to destroy America. So Christianity is bad; Islam is good.

Today, Christmas is as much an American holiday as a religious holiday. While 70% of Americans are Christians, 90% celebrate Christmas. In a 2013 Pew poll, half of respondents said they consider Christmas as a religious holiday, while a significant 32% said it’s a cultural holiday.

Christmas represents many of the things that make America special – home, family, giving, sharing and hope for the future.

In October 1943, Bing Crosby recorded a song that became his fifth gold record, and the most requested song at USO events – “I’ll be home for Christmas,” with its sweet (“Please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree”), sentimental (“Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams”) and sad lyrics (“I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams”).

Many GIs who heard it on troop ships and military bases in 1943 would never be home for Christmas again. Over the next two years, they fell at places with names like Monte Casino, Anzio, Normandy, Bastogne, Saipan, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. By holding the line in the Cultural War, we honor their memories.

America needs to come home for Christmas – home to family, faith and freedom; home to caring and good will. Keep the love light gleaming and the torch of liberty burning brightly.

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