Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton, and the War of Leftist Aggression

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The man most effective inspiring Far Left radicals—Saul Alinsky, from Chicago. He taught his community organizers that capitalists and most white people are the enemy. He taught his acolytes to fight dirty, that any means was justified, because the goal—communism—is so beautiful, any useful tactic is acceptable.  He essentially declared war on traditional America.

The following statements illustrate the core of Alinsky’s approach to community organization, beliefs and tactics personified by people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both were adoring students who took Alinsky from the streets into the halls of power.

“One acts decisively only in the conviction that all of the angels are on one side and the devils are on the other.”

“Our enemies are always immoral.”

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“Allow no middle ground. ‘Reconciliation’ means that when one side gets the power and the other side gets reconciled to it, then we have reconciliation.”

“The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

“The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community. “

Alinsky went on to tell his disciples they should cut their hair, wear suits and ties, and speak the language of compromise, liberty, and equality, all to hide the real motive and the true nature of the struggle: complete destruction of the old order by any means, in order to usher forth the utopian communist state.

And so, after about 60 years of Alinskyite tactics employed throughout most every major institution in the country, roughly half our people have been ‘rubbed raw with resentments’ while the other half have been bullied into submission, still thinking they can negotiate and compromise and work with Democrats, people who view all outsiders as enemies to be destroyed.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believe they have turned the corner. They believe they can now come right out and state clearly their real beliefs and aspirations.  Both have said for example that Christians do not have a right to conscience nor do they have 1st Amendment rights.  Both have said Christians must reject opposition to abortion and same sex marriage, and if they do not submit to the new secularism, they cannot participate in this democracy.

However, not satisfied with dominating the legislative and judicial processes in this country, Obama and Clinton now push toward the ultimate goal, by any means.

Thus, all ‘enemies’ (Republicans) are isolated, ridiculed and attacked, mercilessly, with increasing frequency and viciousness. For years, instead of fighting back, aggressively, they have conformed, submissively.

To accelerate ‘change,’ Obama and Clinton conspire and employ the following:

  • Paid thugs are deployed, trained instigators, sent to spark violence at Trump rallies so that the complicit media will characterize Trump supporters as violence-prone knuckle-draggers.
  • Accusations of sexual deviance are leveled daily.
  • Christians are attacked, setup for prosecution, marginalized, ridiculed and silenced.
  • Muslims are used as pawns in the general effort to demoralize, demonize, divide and destroy. Syrian refugees, created by Obama’s Iraq policy, are especially convenience pawns.
  • Voter registration includes the dead, illegal aliens, felons, whomever.
  • False accusations of racism proliferate, ‘rubbing raw’ unfound resentments against police who are targeted for assassination.
  • Whistleblowers are frequently found face down in some dark alley.
  • Even the Justice Department is riddled with ‘activists,’ willing to break the law to organize the community.
  • So powerful is the Far Left, even the FBI submits to its authority.
  • Congress? Merely a sideshow, filled with the greedy, the comical, the self-absorbed and ‘bipartisan’ co-conspirators.
  • Anyone with a contrary point of view is attacked, labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.
  • Conservatives are charged and prosecuted for the slightest infraction, but gross violations by Democrats are ignored.
  • It has become such a political mosh pit, there is no longer such a thing as an ‘outrageous’ lie.
  • The corruption runs so deep, DNC community organizers justify sabotaging Bernie Sanders, with Clinton’s blessing, then ignoring that political assassination, Bernie smiles, knowing team players get special appointments.

Mayhem by design is the Democrat playbook, taken right out of Alinsky’s teachings. They call it a revolution, but it actually amounts to civil war, one they’ve waged for 60 years.  It is civil war because there remains a substantial army of traditionalists who are finally waking up.  They are finally realizing the radicalized Democrat Party is the real enemy of freedom, and they are just now starting to fight back.

We are beginning to realize the theory of man-made global warming—like all radical environmentalism— has nothing to do with good stewardship for the common good. Rather, it is a tool for installing world government and wealth redistribution: all for the purpose of control, control, control—-tyranny.

We are beginning to wake up to the fact gun control has nothing to do with public safety but everything to do with control, control, control—-tyranny.

We are finally realizing that so-called social justice is a fake out, a distraction, the real purpose being to cause such friction and pain and chaos that people will gladly endorse the strong man promising deliverance.

Finally, majorities must acknowledge ObamaCare was nothing short of a planned catastrophe in order to pave the way for full scale socialized medicine to accomplish central control—tyranny!

Have we finally faced the fact we are in the midst of Second Civil War, that one side or the other will prevail? Given the nature of the enemy will this result in violence on a scale we have never seen? All this is likely, for the Far Left is animated by a religious frenzy, and it will never relent short of complete defeat.  It is indeed a War of Leftist Aggression.

With the election of Hillary Clinton, it is likely this Civil War will escalate out of control, something our enemies overseas observe with happy expectation.


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