The Shocking Growth of Sharia Law

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The growing support of Sharia Law is shocking, particularly among Islamic supporters.

Mat Staver: Matt, you know, we hear about so-called “moderate Muslims,” there’s no question that not all Muslims are terrorists. One thing that the terrorists all have in common is that they all share a Muslim/Islamic worldview. In fact, the killers out in San Bernardino recently had memorized the Koran.

Well, you know if you’re memorizing the Bible, it doesn’t make you a violent person. But somehow memorizing the Koran is consistent with being someone who’s a jihadist. We need to recognize the enemy. President Barack Obama does not, will not. And President George W. Bush made huge errors in miscalculating the enemy when he invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. He called Islam a religion of peace. It has never been a religion of peace! anyone who is a history student knows that Islam has always been a religion of aggression.

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Matt Barber: Well that’s right. And what is the law of Islam? We need to be very clear here. People talk about Islam and they ascribe to it kind of the same First Amendment protections you would to Christianity…freedom of religious expression. But Islam…fundamental…the center of Islam is Sharia Law. That means Islamic Law. The Islamic Law is in and of itself an anathema to the United States Constitution…

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