The Salvation Selfie

Being arrested and facing prison for something you didn’t do is a very frightening experience for most of us.

Years, ago, I, along with my three friends were arrested for breaking and entering and grand theft.

The experience scared me to death, especially after a little old lady identified us and the car we were riding in.

The only thing that spared us from going to prison was that a hour later, other police officers arrested the real criminals in the act and recovered the stolen goods from the first break-in.

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That’s why I had to share this story of Cristopher Precopia who was just spared 99-years in prison thanks to a selfie.

Fox News – Selfie saves Texas man from serving up to 99 years in prison – They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a selfie turned out to be priceless for one Texas man.

Cristopher “CJ” Precopia faced 99 years in prison for a violent crime he said he didn’t commit — and only a photo he took of himself was able to clear his name.

Precopia, 21, of Williamson County, said he was confused when police arrested him on Sept. 22, 2017. Officials said his ex-girlfriend, who was not named, claimed Precopia broke into her home, assaulted her and then slashed an “X” into her chest with a box cutter during a brutal Sept. 20 attack, KVUE reported.

Precopia said he couldn’t recall the last time he spoke to the woman, whom he dated in high school…

Naturally, police didn’t believe him and he booked on charges and tossed into jail.

Everything was looking bleak to worse for Precopia as he was identified as the attacker.

It wasn’t until his mom remembered that he had taken a selfie within 20 minutes of the attack at a location 70-miles away.

Many younger people are criticized about all of the selfies they take, but it seems that  one never knows what one of those selfies will be worth more than its weight in gold.



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