‘The Purge: Election Year’: Horror Film Presents Plot to Take the White House

The storyline of the horror film “The Purge: Election Year,” released this year, was set in the White House as Senator Charlene Roan (actress Elizabeth Mitchell) is running for President of the United Stated of America.

Candidate Roan (who seems to purport to represent Hillary Clinton, who is also a former senator) has her campaign focused on eliminating the Purge, which is an annual 12-hour period that legalizes all sorts of crimes including murder, and all police and medical services are shut down in this day. However, the affluent oppose Roan’s campaign because they believe that the event eradicates the poor people.

The affluent are members of NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America), a party of white supremacists who resemble neo-Nazis. With rare exceptions in both sides, whites are oppressors and blacks and Latin American immigrants, who are oppressed, are the poor, defenseless and homeless, who can’t defend themselves and make for easy targets. NFFA wants blood; “Hillary Clinton” wants to hinder bloodshed.

Yet, the real Hillary has a political trail of “mysterious” deaths of people who threatened her political career. She is also credited as the responsible for the creation of ISIS, which has slaughtered thousands of Christians in the Middle East.

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The attempt to portray Hillary as a social savior in the movie is a slap on reality. And the attempt to portray conservatives as blood-thirsty is irrational, because Hillary-created ISIS is the real bloody creature. And bloody is also her obsession to back the legal slaughter of thousands and thousands American and international babies through her insane abortion politics. This horror is worse than the macabre murders in the horror film “Purge.”

The NFFA members talk about God. “Hillary” and their band of oppressed do not talk about God.

Even though trying to stereotyping Christian conservatives as NFFA members, it fits only neoconservatives (also called neocons) in real life.

Neoconservatives are present in both the Democratic and the Republican Parties and their focus and priority is not to conserve pro-life, pro-family and Christian values. They want to conserve and expand the U.S. military and political hegemony around the world.

The real Hillary is a neocon. If the horror film “Purge” mirrored the reality, Hillary would be a NFFA member. Not only she is white, but she loves war and bloodshed of babies by abortion and of Christians through ISIS and other Islamic terror groups.

In the movie, there is a plot to assassinate her “Christian” conservative opponent, a male member of NFFA. But the well-behaved Hillary fights to save the life of the apparently “Republican” candidate, even though those plotting the murder are mostly oppressed blacks with the very good intent to get rid of a man who, if elected president, will keep bloodshed in society.

“Purge” ends with NFFA members bringing “Hillary” to a Mass for a ritualistic assassination by a priest. Even though evangelicalism is the main religious characteristic of the original Founder Fathers of America, in the movie Catholicism represents all Christians, and it is murderous, sadistic and against the oppressed. Catholicism was made the Christian bogeyman of the macabre show, perhaps because, like no other Christian church, Catholicism has been stained by the Inquisition and other evils.

But in real life, the opponent of Hillary, Donald Trump, is a Presbyterian. His vice is also an evangelical. And a Time magazine article, written by a Catholic leader, said that “Trump-Pence is the Most Anti-Catholic Republican Ticket in Modern History.” Trump does not fit NFFA: his political staff is strongly opposed to abortion, and he does not want war with Russia. He wants to fight anti-Christian ISIS.

Hillary Clinton fits NFFA. She wants the murder of the most innocent of the oppressed: the unborn baby. She wants war with Russia, which is fighting ISIS.

Her vice is a pro-abortion Catholic.

If Hillary is elected, a pro-abortion, pro-ISIS NFFA will be in charge of the United States, sadly with massive votes of oppressed blacks and Catholics who do not see they have been duped by deceptive ideologies not different from “Purge,” which reverses the reality.

Neocon Hillary and her Catholic vice want to purge America from real Christian conservatives. In this sense, the horror film “Purge” fits her campaign and ambitions.

The real Founding Fathers of America, including the first American president George Washington, were white, Protestant and conservative. They were not pro-abortion, pro-sodomy and neocon. They would never support neocon Hillary.

At last, the real horror is not the film and its blatant malicious characterization of Christian conservatives. It is the real Hillary herself.

With information from Christian Post and Christianity Today.

Portuguese version of this article: “12 Horas Para Sobreviver — O Ano da Eleição”: Filme de terror apresenta conspiração para tomar a Casa Branca

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