The Power of One Against the Depraved, Self-Righteous Left

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It’s not surprising that Democrat politicians and the Left are continually digging deeper into the cesspool of aberrant human behavior looking for something to exalt and exploit. That’s what they do. It should not be a shock that Democrats, in their craven lust for “breaking down barriers” are willing to tear down restrictions that keep the innocent safe from physical and sexual harm. That’s who they are. What is astounding and disturbing is the parade of yawns and carefully-phrased tepid responses from leaders on the Right over the most wicked and reckless threat to personal autonomy imposed by any government in human history.

Attempts by transvestites, transsexuals and other sex-offenders to infiltrate the restrooms of girls and women will be trampled to dust so long as there are real men in America. The absurdity that “unfair discrimination” is a valid rationale for this insanity is hardly ever confronted. Republicans should hang Obama’s brainless bathroom “directive” around the necks of Democrats like a lead albatross and bury them with it.

It’s easy and natural for Christians and conservatives to become overwhelmed, battle-weary and discouraged in the face of the overwhelming depravity that plagues American society. We’ve all felt it. But there is also magnificent opportunity presented by Democrats and the Left for someone, anyone, to take up the mantle of leadership in this nation of spiritually-dead sponsors of Satan.

Many thought that Ted Cruz was that man, others believe that Donald Trump is the one. As a political leader, Donald Trump is certainly is far better alternative to Hillary Clinton or Socialist, Bernie Sanders, but he is not now and cannot be, much more than that. Our culture is in the gutter because too many of us have been silent for too long, and needlessly so.

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The liberal Democrat worldview has no substance, no foundation and no merit. It offers no personal integrity or righteousness. In fact, integrity and righteousness are liabilities to the rotten, self-indulgent carnality that the Left embraces. That is its fatal weakness, and it’s easily seized by one person who possesses what Democrats can only pretend to own. One person who musters the courage to tell the truth about the emptiness and futility of the self-righteous Left can make an enormous impact, and each of us can be that one.

People often say, “I’m just one person. What can I do?”
The answer is, “More than you think.”

Every one of us has decision power over nearly $1 million in our lifetime. A few minutes of research per month can ensure that you don’t subsidize depravity and death by choosing providers of goods and services that are not opposed to your faith and values. When companies and corporations violate your trust, stop funding them and tell them so. Apple Corporation, Disney, Target and the NBA depend on the dollars you spend. Once they realize that they will pay a heavy price for defending LGBT radicals and the reckless policies of Democrats, they will have to reverse their positions or they will suffer losses.

Keeping current with the policies initiatives of local governments and school boards is more important today than ever before. When leaders don’t hear from the right people, they can easily make the wrong decisions and when no one takes the time to tell them, they think that no one cares much about an issue. Local government leaders need your direction. If you don’t encourage them to do what is right, someone else will pressure them to do what is wrong.

Too many Americans believe that their civic duty is fulfilled by voting in an election every two or four years. That’s a mistake. Once lawmakers get to Washington, they are immediately inundated, pressured and subjected to coercion from special interest groups, party leadership, industry representatives and many others, whose priorities may be in conflict with your own.

The news media cannot be trusted to inform you about the issues that matter to you. Today, every member of Congress is connected to the people through their office websites, email, local offices, Facebook and Twitter. Make certain that your representatives know your name by connecting with them often and telling them how best to represent you. Simply knowing that people are watching is often enough to prevent serious breaches of public trust.

Because most people forget about their members of Congress once the election is over, the power to sway them resides in the hands of a relatively small number of people. Be one of those few.

While it is certainly true that the remedy for America’s cultural sin problem will not be a political one, politics is currently the arena in which America’s enemies and God’s enemies are the most active. Therefore, if we do not restore our political processes, the road to cultural restoration may soon be blocked.

The freedom to do good cannot coexist with liberty to do evil. The two will forever be in mortal conflict. In our republic, freedom is in jeopardy because those who have given the most to build and defend it are not being heard by Washington lawmakers, the media or the administration. We can restore and reform this nation peacefully now, or will have do so by force and with blood in the near future. America’s government belongs to the public, but politicians will serve the public only if given no alternative.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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