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I couldn’t help but compare and contrast two stories I came across from two very different worlds, neither of which I live in. The first story came out of the Middle East. Believe it or not, ISIS issued a guide on how to treat female sex slaves captured in battle and/or purchased from kidnappers. Meanwhile, the University of Southern California instituted a mandatory class to indoctrinate students on matters having to do with sexual relationships. One requisite of the class requires the students to answer a questionnaire about their own sexual history and practices. I guess you could say inquiring minds want to know.

It is hard to fathom in this day and age that certain societies, mostly Muslim majority countries, still regard women as booty! Of course, the ISIS guide does not prohibit rape or any number of other forms of sexual abuse but having said that, well, even ISIS has certain standards! The Committee of Research and Fatwas makes it clear that “One of the graces which Allah has bestowed upon the State of Caliphate is the conquest of large surface areas of the country and one of the inevitable consequences of the jihad establishment is that women and children of infidels will become captives of Muslims…”

The fatwah urges the brothers to be kind and compassionate while enslaving the women. How does that work? The fatwah goes on to lay out a number of rules about certain forbidden relations with female slaves including, for instance, the prohibition of fathers and sons sharing the same sex slave and similar prohibitions if the woman is jointly owned. I guess nothing beats having the pink slip free and clear on a new acquisition.

Meanwhile, on the campus of USC, students are being informed about the nuances of sexual assault, dating, drinking habits and consensual relationships, courtesy of state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson and our federal government. The students are being asked to not just report their own sexual history but that of their peers. The program is built upon the premise that women can’t give consent if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and even if both partners willingly imbibe, the male is nonetheless considered guilty of assault should his partner succumb to morning-after regret. In which case, the male is encouraged to admit his guilt and face suspension or expulsion, no trial required.

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I keep waiting for these worlds to clash. How is it that there are protests against the United States and Israel on college campuses, but Allah gets a pass? Why are the feminist professors not demanding sensitivity training for all Muslim males who will not willingly condemn these barbaric practices left over from the dark ages? Why don’t I hear about empowerment classes being offered to Muslim women students? I admit I never quite understood the phenomenon of burning bras in the 1960s, but I do believe it is high time to start burning hijabs in 2016.

First published at Santa Barbara News-Press

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